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Complete Blogger/Blogspot Tutorials – Step By Step | Learn Blogger

Complete Blogger/Blogspot Tutorials


Complete Blogger/Blogspot Tutorials – Step By Step | Learn Blogger

Are you looking for complete Blogger tutorials? You’re in the right place. In this post we have listed all our Blogger tutorials that can help you to learn, configure and customize your Blogger blog.

Blogger is one of the most popular free blogging platform. It was owned by Google in 2003. There are millions of bloggers from all over the world who are using this magnificent blogging platform. In this post we have listed all our step-by-step Blogger tutorials, so that you can easily access them from one point.

In these Blogger/Blogspot tutorials we have covered almost all the topics like how to create a blog on Blogger, how to redirect Blogger blog to a customs domain, Blogger SEO, how to monetize a Blogger blog with Adsense, introduction to Blogger HTML Editor, Blogger widgets, how to insert and use conditional tags on Blogger, Blogger errors, etc.


How To Create A Blog On Blogger

In this Blogger tutorial you will learn how to sign up for Blogger using your Gmail Id and create a free blog on Blogger.


Blogger Templates/Themes

In order to remain up to date with latest blog designs and trends you need a very responsive/mobile-friendly Blogger templates. The default or builtin Blogger templates are very few and does not meet all your requirements and you need lot of customization as well.

Not everyone can customize his blog because to customize a blog you need a knowledge of HTML/CSS & template editing or you have to hire professional Blogger Developers.

Maintaining a low bounce rate has always been a challenge for website owners & bloggers. One of the key reasons for high bounce rate of websites have been poor design and slow loading speed.

So to maintain a low bounce rate of your website and pages below professional Blogger templates have been developed with the latest technologies like Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap etc that not only improves the loading speed of website, but also the user experience as well.

A lower bounce rate fairly increases the website ranking in Google that leads to more traffic. Always remember that first impression is your last impression, so never disappoint your visitors with outdated blog template.


Introduction To Blogger’s HTML Editor

In these Blogger tutorials you will learn about how to use the Blogger HTML Editor and different HTML tags used while you write a post on Blogger.


How To Change Favicon on Blogger

A favicon is a small, 16×16 PNG or ICON image that is shown inside the browser’s location bar at top-left corner when your blog is opened. In this Blogger tutorial you will learn how to change the favicon on Blogger and how to create a fav icon.


How To Remove Or Hide Navbar In Blogger

A navigation bar or navbar contains links to various pages or sections of a website. When you create a Blogger blog it appears at top of your blog. It is often considered unnecessary and does not look good at top of the blog, so it is generally preferred to hide.


Blogger Author

In these Blogger tutorials you will learn how to add authors on Blogger, how to add author profile below posts and how to increase the author image.


How To Show Blogger Posts On Twitter With Large Summary Image

In this Blogger tutorial you will learn how to show your Blogger posts on Twitter with the large images because large images get more attention.


How To Claim Website On Pinterest

In this Blogger tutorial you will learn how to claim your Blogger blog on Pinterest or in other words how to verify your Blogger blog on Pinterest.


How To Show Zero Posts On Blogger’s Homepage

In this Blogger tutorial you will learn how to show zero posts on Blogger homepage. At times when people don’t want to show the default posts rather they add different widgets to show posts on different sections of blog.


How To Import/Backup Blogger Content & Theme.

In these Blogger tutorials you will lean how to take backup and import Content and Theme.


How To Delete Blogger Blog & How To Restore

In this Blogger tutorial you will learn how to delete your blog on Blogger and how to restore it.


How To Unlock/Move Or Remove Gadgets On Blogger Layout

In this Blogger tutorial you will learn about how to unlock widgets in Blogger Layout.  By default some of the widgets on Blogger are not allowed to move, so by unlocking them we can move them and change their position.


Blogger Widgets

There are lot of widgets that Blogger does not provide, so in these tutorials you will get the code of different widgets and how to add them on Blogger like most recent posts widget, widget that displays posts of specific label etc.


Conditional Tags In Blogger

In this Blogger tutorial you will learn about different types of pages and conditional tags on Blogger and also how to insert these conditional tags on Blogger theme. By inserting a certain condition you can restrict the widgets to appear/hide on certain page or pages like Homepage, Pages, Item Pages, Labels, Specific Label, Specific Page and Specific Item Page.


Blogger SEO

In these Blogger tutorials you will learn about SEO settings on Blogger like how to add sitemap, custom robots.txt, how to configure your blog with Google Search Console, how to link your blog to Google Analytics etc.


Blogger Monetization With Google Adsense

By monetizing your blog with Google Adsense you can earn money. In these tutorials you will learn how to redirect your Blogger blog to a custom domain and how to sign up for Google adsense from Blogger and how to add custom ads.txt on Blogger.


Blogger User Settings

Blogger Settings

Blogger Errors


Blogger To WordPress Migration

This tutorial guides you everything so thoroughly that a person having zero knowledge about WordPress can easily migrate his Blogger blog to WordPress.


Earn Online

You can earn not only by monetizing Blogger with Google Adsense, there are lot of other ways you can earn via your blog and blog posts like CJ affiliate program, Amazon Affiliate Program, Webhosting affiliate programs etc. You can read our Tutorials on Earn Online.

  • We will add more helpful tutorials in future, so keep in touch with us. If you like these Blogger tutorials then don’t forget to share with the other people.


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