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Meer’s World primarily guides people on how to start a professional blog & make it a full-time business, covers content around Blogging, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, SEO, and Affiliate Programs.

Apart from blogging you can find free content on IT, Technology, How To, Earn-Online, eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, Business, Web Hosting, Theme Reviews, Transcription, Product Reviews, Windows, & many more.

Founder & CEO

Meer Basit Founder Meer's World

Meer Basit is the founder & CEO of Meer’s World. He’s been running the show since launching the blog back in September, 2018.

By background, he is a computer scientist. Primarily, he creates content around blogging (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr), SEO, affiliate programs, earn-online, and eCommerce.

Apart from Meer’s World, he owns an online shopping brand Fire Ram 23.4, and the blog Selfless Beings.

In general, he likes traveling, gardening, watching movies, is a passionate cricketer, creative writer, and a GSD lover.

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