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Have you got the Google AdSense warning, "The Number Of Ads You Can Show Has Been Limited. For Details, Go To The Policy Center" and worried how to remove? You're in the right place, we will guide you why this warning comes & what you have to do to remove this warning. 
This warning means that Google AdSense will stop showing ads on your website, but your website will remain connect with the Google AdSense program. In order to to know more about the warning it suggests you to open Policy Center in your Google AdSense account.
In this post we will cover following topics:
  • What Causes The Warning
  • How To Remove The Warning
Solved: The Number Of Ads You Can Show Has Been Limited. For Details, Go To The Policy Center

What Causes The Warning

  • In the Google AdSense Policy Center you will get the information that you are getting the Number of Ads Limit warning because of Invalid Traffic concerns. It further tells you that Google AdSense will review your website traffic and take a decision in less than 30 days. 
  • Google AdSense doesn't tell you from where your website is getting invalid traffic rather it tells you to find by yourself and also suggests some articles to read like Google Content Polices for Publishers, Google AdSense Program Policy etc. Below you will learn what counts in invalid traffic and what are the things that you should do to get rid of the warning.
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How To Remove The Warning

Following are the important suggestions & tips that you must follow to remove the Number of Ads Limit warning:

Disable Ads In Your Browser Settings

  • The first and the most important thing you must do is DISABLE ads from your browser settings. Never ever click and watch the ads of your website. One of the key source of invalid traffic is your own clicks & impressions on your website ads. Remember that your IP Address is monitored by Google AdSense.
  • We suggest you to open your website on Mozilla Firefox by disabling its history and ads. Once you do that you can open your website as many times as you want. If you want to preview how your Google Ads look like you can open your website in some other browser, but don't open again and again. 

Wait With Patience

  • The second important thing you should do is WAIT. Wait for the response from Google AdSense like what it suggests you. Within 10 to 14 days you get response from the Google AdSense, sometimes it takes a month. In most cases Google AdSense does not notify you via email and enables ads on your website and you start earning again. 
  • In order to check whether Google AdSense has enabled ads or not regularly check your Google AdSense account. Often your ads are enabled and you start earning, but you still get the Number of Ads Limit warning in your Google AdSense, DON'T WORRY it will be removed as well within 2 or 3 days, afterwards. 
  • Often people think about deleting their posts by assuming that they might be the cause of invalid traffic warning. You must read Google Publisher Policies before you delete a post or change its content. Always remember that sudden deletion of your blog posts could hurt your SEO, blog ranking and traffic. 
  • It has also been noticed that when your revenue rapidly increases Google AdSense could mistakenly issue above warning by assuming that you might be using some illegal sources or methods to increase your revenue. So that's why it is important to wait with patience and do not make experiments on your blog. 

Be Consistent

  • If Google AdSense disables your ads don't stop publishing the posts. Be consistent and publish posts regularly and try to publish quality and user-friendly content by considering Google Publisher Policies.

Don't Tell People To Click Your Ads

  • It is unethical, strictly prohibited and against the Google AdSense Program Policy to tell your family members, friends, relatives etc to visit your website and click ads. Some people encourage website visitors using labels or phrases such as  "click the ads", "support us", "visit these links", etc. These tactics count in invalid traffic. 

Social Media Sharing

  • To bring traffic and produce sales some people share their blog posts again and again on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, forums etc. Avoid unnecessary or repetitive sharing of your blog posts on social media platforms, only share when you create a new article or post.

Social Media Banners

  • People often create banners for their Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote their website where they mention URL of website. Avoid adding your website URL on social media banners, they could be the cause of warning!

Protect Your Computer & Gmail From Hacking

Avoid installing software & apps from unknown publishers because if you install them hackers can secretly access your computer and Gmail via rootkits. Read this article: How To Protect Your Computer & Email From Hacking | Stop Malicious Apps, Websites

Fill "Manage Tax Info" In AdSense 

It is mandatory for everyone(U.S Citizen or Non-US Citizen) to submit the tax document involving in any business, investment or receiving payments from United States. So that's why affiliate programs based in United States such as Amazon, Impact Radius, LinkShare, CJ Affiliate, Upwork, Fiverr, Google AdSense etc, ask you to submit your Tax Info.

Form W-8BEN is required to submit by Non-US citizens i.e investors, freelancers, affiliate marketers etc, who receive certain types of income/payments from United States. Once you submit W-8BEN Form AdSense will not deduct any tax from your earnings. Read this article: How To Fill Manage Tax Info In Google AdSense | Withholding Tax, W-8BEN Form, US Tax Treaty

Ad Placement Policies

Pleas read the Google AdSense  Ad Placement Policies that provide you the detail information about below points.
  • Avoid accidental clicks
  • Unnatural attention to ads
  • Placing ads under a misleading header
  • Aligning images with ads
  • Site layout that pushes content below the fold
  • Formatting content to mimic ads
  • Distance between ads and flash games
  • Ads on dynamic content
  • Offering compensation
  • Ads on emails and many more...

Don't Place Too Many Ads

  • Don't place too many ad units on your website. We suggest you to add maximum 4 ad units on the Homepage and 3 ad units on the Item Page. If you put ad units on Sidebar give them a good space, 150 px will be a good distance between two ad units.  

Focus On Organic Traffic

  • Some experts suggest that there should be at least 60% organic traffic to avoid such warnings. In simplest words organic traffic is the traffic that comes from search engines(Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) to your website. Google AdSense prefers high-percentage organic traffic websites to display ads.

Avoid Copy/Paste Content

  • Often people copy and paste content from other sources and websites, which is against the Google's Content Policy for Publishers. Copy/Paste could be considered as invalid traffic.

Use Of High CPC Keywords    

  • Despite having a different niche some bloggers just to earn more money use high CPC keywords like insurance, gas, electricity, loans, mortgage, credit, attorney etc, which is against Google's Content  Policy For Publishers. For example you have a blog about WordPress blogging and you write content about car insurance or add high CPC keywords in your articles. It could be considered as invalid traffic.  

SEO Tools

  • You can use SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, etc, to track your keywords, traffic sources, backlinks, top performing pages, links, devices, search engines etc, to get the complete overview of your website traffic, which will help you to monitor and filter your traffic. 

Google Suggestions

Google provides you a detail information and suggestions about quality traffic, content, AdSense Program Policies etc. Go through these articles and read thoroughly:


Hope these suggestions & tips will help you to get rid of the Number of Ads Limit warning and improve the overall content and performance of your website. Remember that there is no shortcut, follow all the top practices that Google suggests for publishers in order to make your website's earnings sustainable.
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