Affiliate Marketing Vs Google AdSense: Which One Is Best & Profitable?

Most of the bloggers are skeptical to decide which online earning model they should choose for their blog or website, and if you are among one of those then you are in the right place. We will provide you a detail information and facts about the two most popular online earning models i.e Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense that will help you to decide which one to choose for your blog & how to earn maximum money from these two models + Best alternate for affiliate marketing & Google AdSense.

There has always been a debate between affiliate marketing and Google AdSense like which one is more profitable and better. Some experts suggest Google AdSense whereas some experts suggest affiliate marketing. 

There is no doubt about the fact that you can earn millions from both these models, but there are lot of factors like blog traffic, blog type, content(niche), blog design, location, audience etc that play their role for successful earnings. You will get to know about lot of important things that you might not have heard before.

In this post we will cover following topics:
  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Can You Use AdSense & Affiliate Marketing Together 
  • Best Alternate For AdSense & Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Vs Google AdSense: Which One Is Best & Profitable?

1. Google AdSense

Everyone of you know that Google AdSense is a free online earning program that pays you certain amount of money for every genuine click depending on the location and CPC(Cost-Per-Click) of keywords. 

There are thousands of bloggers who have monetized their blogs with Google AdSense, some of them earning very good money, but some of them are earning only few dollars and looking for ways to increase their AdSense earnings. 
Do you know that most of the new bloggers initially monetize their blogs with AdSense. Some of them continue to monetize with AdSense, but some of them leave AdSense and focus only on affiliate marketing. 
Google AdSense is ideal for newbies(new bloggers) for two reasons: One, earning from affiliate marketing is not that simple it takes time, experience, skills and relevant traffic and Second, initially new bloggers don't have the solid idea about their blogging niche, so they are not sure about the type of products they should promote on their blog. Even if they put banners or write articles to promote products or services, there are chances that they will fail to produce a single sale for months.
What Google AdSense do?
Google AdSense uses AI(Artificial Intelligence) to generate ads or to suggest and place ads relevant to content and visitor's location. So it means that AdSense takes all the headache for placing the right ads to your blog, you don't need to worry. If you manage to bring at least traffic around 2000 views per day having an RPM around $1.4 you can earn $2 to $3 per day. The more quality content you write the more relevant ads will be displayed and relevant ads lead to more clicks, more clicks mean more revenue.   

Besides new bloggers Google AdSense is ideal for multi-niche blogs like News and Magazine blogs etc because they consist of random content from different niches for which affiliate marketing may not be the ideal option. As we have just mentioned AdSense display ads relevant to content by itself.
Another question is: How much you can earn from Google AdSense?
It depends on lot of factors like your blog traffic, type of content(niche), RPM, CPC, CTR, design, location, audience etc. Blogs with high CPC content earn more whereas blogs with low CPC content earn less. High CPC content blogs have RPM(Average earnings per thousand page views) above $5 whereas blogs having low CPC have RPM around $0.40 to $0.70. 
CPC(Cost Per Click) plays a very important role in your AdSense earnings. Do you know that every keyword or keywords have a different CPC. Advertisers pay different amount for different keywords based on location and network.
Average CPC varies widely by business and industry type, but the average CPC across all industries is approximately $2 to $2.32. Remember that every keyword has different Bid Rate per click and it also varies from country to country. Advertisers from countries like United States, UK, Norway, Canada etc offer high bid rates as compare to countries like India and Pakistan.
Here are some of the keywords that have the highest CPCs:
  • Insurance: $59 CPC
  • Gas/Electricity:  $57 CPC
  • Loans: $50 CPC
  • Mortgage: $44 CPC
  • Attorney: $48 CPC
  • Lawyer:  $43 CPC
  • Donate: $42 CPC
  • Conference Call: $42 CPC
  • Degree: $40 CPC
  • Credit:  $38 CPC
You can use the free Google Ads Keyword Planner to find the high CPC keywords, Competition & Search Volume.
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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn certain amount of commission(money) by selling a product or service of a company. Let's say you register for an affiliate program and put its product's banner on your blog with your affiliate link. A visitor visits your blog, clicks the banner and purchases that product from company's product page. Now that company will pay you certain amount of commission for producing a sale. This is how affiliate marketing works.
There are different ways to promote a brand, service or a product. Mot common way is to put banners with your affiliate links on your blog. The other way is to write articles/posts about the products or services and insert your affiliate links of those products or services within the content like Best smartphones to buy in 2020, Top 10 web hosting companies, iPhone 11 review etc. 
Affiliate Marketing is ideal for blogs with single niche because there are higher chances of producing sales. For example you have a blog about WordPress blogging. You can write reviews about web hostings, you can recommend web hosting & offer discounts, you can recommend WordPress themes, you can recommend WordPress plugins, you can recommend books about blogging etc. So all these products or services are relevant to your content, so visitor might be interested to purchase one of them.

Often bloggers monetize their blogs with Google AdSense, but later they decide to quit Google AdSense and prefer only affiliate marketing. There are various reasons for quitting AdSense: One, they believe that it could effect website ranking because AdSense Ads generate lot of Javascript, Second they think Google ads disturb the readers and they might not return to their blog, Third, they believe that they can earn more money as compare to Google AdSense. 
Third reason is more reasonable that you can earn more money via affiliate marketing as compare to Google AdSense because in affiliate marketing you earn certain amount of commission for producing sales whereas on Google ads you earn certain amount of money per click, which is often little. In affiliate marketing the more expensive the product or service is, the more commission you earn. 
Let's say Kinsta is a premium WordPress web hosting company that offers a very lucrative affiliate program, pays up to $50 to $500 + 10% recurring commission for producing a single sale. Now compare it with Google AdSense like in order to earn $500 you need a very good traffic to your blog and certain number of clicks on Google Ads whereas using affiliate marketing you can produce $500 with just one sale. This makes affiliate marketing so powerful. 
Let's compare two blogs both having the same number of visitors i.e 40,000/month. One is monetized with Google AdSense and the other is monetized with Affiliate Marketing. The blog with Google AdSense would have a potential of earning $30 to $60 per month whereas the blog with affiliate marketing would have a potential of earning $1,000 to $8,000 per month. It has been proven practically as well.
So by affiliate marketing you earn smartly and more. If you create high CPC content you can increase your Google AdSense earnings massively, as we mentioned earlier.
There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs available to join on internet. Have a look on some of our affiliate programs as well.  

Can You Use AdSense & Affiliate Marketing Together

Yes you can use Google AdSense & affiliate marketing together. One of the world's leading blogs like Tech Radar, How-To-Geek, Life Wire etc use both affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. You can monetize your blog with Google AdSense and also write articles, place banners with affiliate links as we mentioned earlier.

Above mentioned blogs are very huge with plenty of categories, bring millions of visitors per month, so that's why they might have been monetized with AdSense as well, but if you talk about top single-niche small or medium-size blogs with few categories often monetized with affiliate marketing only. There is a possibility that Google ads might distract visitors from the products or services that they promote.

Best Alternate For AdSense & Affiliate Marketing

There is another way to earn money from your blog without Google AdSense and affiliate marketing by selling your own products and services via your blog. This is also one of the best ways to earn money online. 
Let's take the example of WordPress blogging again. Along with blogging tutorials and guidance you can sell your own books, your own WordPress plugins, your own WordPress themes, your own WordPress hosting services, your own blog/theme development & customization services etc. This way you will not earn a certain amount of commission rather you will earn full amount.

Selling your Own Products provides more security to you as well. You know that if someone breaches the Google AdSense policies it can demonetize his blog and when you talk about affiliate marketing, let's say the company whose affiliate program you had joined and earning money could end its affiliate program, though there would be plenty of similar affiliate programs available that you can join, but still there are some insecurities. 
You can use all three ways together as well i.e Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing & Selling your Own Product. 


You must have got lot of understanding about Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. We hope that it will be much easier for you now to decide which way of earning is more suitable for your blog. If you like this post then don't forget to share with other people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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