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How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting – Step By Step

how to buy domain and web hosting on namecheap hosting


How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting – Step By Step

Are you looking for buying domain & web hosting from Namecheap? You’re in the right place. We will guide you step-by-step on How to buy a domain and web hosting from Namecheap.

The Namecheap, an ICANN accredited registrar, is one of the best, secure, fast, and most affordable web hosting providers in the world, offering services since 2000. It is managing 13 million+ domains worldwide.

Before you buy domain and webhosting it is important for you to understand the difference between domain and web hosting.

The domain is simply the URL of your website like “” is a domain. Every domain ends with an extension such as “.com”, “.net”, “”, “.org”, “”, etc. If you are targeting global audience then don’t add the country code.

The country code(“.au”,”.pk”, “.us”, etc) is added in the domain to target the audience of specific country. It is also called ccTLDs(Country Code Top-Level Domains).

Namecheap is one of those hosting providers that offer ccTLDs. Do remember that not every hosting service provides ccTLDs!

Often people get confused while choosing the domain. Here are some tips to choose the right domain name:
  • Your domain should be easy to pronounce
  • Your domain should be easy to remember
  • Your domain should be easy to type and shouldn’t be too long
  • Your domain should be brandable
  • Always choose the popular domain extensions like “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, etc
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers in your domain.
  • Consider using a keyword that reflects your website. Let’s say you want to create website for a product called garlic press. Your domain could be “”.
  • If you want to create a personal blog/website you can use your own name as well.


Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service or space where you upload/download/edit/delete/install/uninstall/create files and folders of your website. All activites and tasks related to a website are manged from web hosting.

When you browse a domain on your browser(Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc) all the content of a website loads from the web hosting.

Namecheap offers different types of web hostings such as Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting & Dedicating Hosting. Here we have chosen Shared Hosting. You can use this guide for other hosting types as well.

The Shared Hosting is the most affordable and cheapest web hosting among all other hosting types. If you have a simple website Shared Hosting is best. You can install any third-party web application such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc, on Shared Hosting.

The VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting are recommended for high-traffic websites such as corporate websites, large businesses, ecommerce websites, business applications, podcasting, storage, game servers, content streaming etc.

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How To Buy Domain & Web Hosting

  • Go to official website of Namecheap.
  • Click Hosting.
  • Click Shared Hosting.
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 1
  • Namecheap offers 3 Shared Hosting Plans. You can choose depending on your requirement. Features are listed in each plan.
  • Here we have chosen the “Stellar Plan”.
  • Choose the “Yearly” billing cycle. It means you will pay once in a year.
  • Choose the “Datacenter Location”. If your region is not mentioned choose the one which is nearest to you.
  • Click “Get Started”.
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 2
  • You have added Shared Web Hosting, now it is time to add your domain.
  • Choose “New Domain Name”.
  • Choose “New Purchase”.
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 3
  • In the “Find a domain name:” enter your desired domain with the extension. Here we have entered “” which is available. GSD stands for German Shepherds.
  • Price for each extension is different like “.com” is cheaper than “.net”.
  • If your desired domain is already taken or purchased by someone else you can’t buy that domain. You can bid(Make An Offer) for a purchased domain if the owner is willing to sell that domain.
  • Namecheap also recommends plenty of relevant domain names with different extensions.
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 4
  • Click “Connect To Hosting”. It will link your domain to web hosting.
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 5
  • Click “Add to Cart” button.
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 7
  • Tick all the checkboxes of “Domain Registration”, “Domain Privacy” and “PremiumDNS”, as we have highlighted.
  • The PremiumDNS is an advanced feature which keeps your website secure and running, even when flooded with traffic.
  • Scroll down to “Improve Your Site” section, as shown in the next step.
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 8
  • Add “SSL(Secure Socket Layer)”. The SSL is a security feature, compulsory for the security of website.
  • Click its corresponding button($4.98/yr) to add the SSL.
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 9
  • You can see that the total cost for domain and web hosting is $31.08.
  • Click the “Confirm Order”.
  • Promo Codes are available when you purchase domain only. There is already discount of 59% in the Shared Hosting Plan.
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 11
  • Now create your Namecheap account by signing up.
  • Enter Username, Secure Password, First Name, Last Name and Email.
  • Click “Create Account and Continue”.
  • Save this information in your computer i.e Username, Password and Email ID. It will be used later to access your Namecheap account. Once you finish the order all your hosting credentials will be sent to this email.  
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 12
  • It will ask you for more personal information. If you are not a company untick the “I’m registering on behalf of a company”.
  • Once you fill this information click “Continue”.
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 13
  • It will show you “Whois Contact Information”. It is used by WHOIS to check domain name availability and to discover the contact information of a domain owner. Once you purchase domain and web hosting you can enable Domain Privacy Protection from domain Manage Settings in your Namecheap account.
  • Click “Continue”
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 14
  • Choose your Payment Method and complete your payments. It offers plenty of payment methods such as Credit Cards, PayPal and Account Funds.
  • Once done, click “Continue”.
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 15
  • The last step is the Order step. You have to accept the Terms and Agreements of Namecheap.
  • Once you read and accept “Namecheap’s Terms of Service and agreements”, click “Pay Now” to complete the Order.
How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 17

You will receive a confirmation email that your order has been successful. Normally it takes up to 30 minutes for your Shared Hosting to be active.

Once your shared hosting account is activated, you will receive your Hosting Welcome Email. The email will have all your Hosting Package Details and cPanel Details. You can also access your cPanel account from your Namecheap Dashboard.

Copy the email information in your computer and delete this email. If someone hacks your email account he can steal your website credentials and access your settings and website data.

These are some sections of email that contains the information.

How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 18How To Buy Namecheap Domain & Web Hosting 19


Through cPanel you can upload files, folders, create email accounts, edit email settings, databases, create & schedule backups, and install apps such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

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