15 Legitimate Ways To Earn Online In Pakistan From Home



15 Legitimate Ways To Earn Online In Pakistan From Home

Are you someone who is looking for real ways to earn online in Pakistan from home? You’re in the right place. We have picked top 15 legitimate ways through which people are earning online from home.

For last couple of years there is a trend around the world that people are quitting jobs and preferring online careers and businesses. More and more people are entering in the market of online earnings.

Why People Want To Work Online From Home Instead Of 8 to 5 Jobs?

  • You can make more money twice thrice or even more than 8 to 5 jobs.
  • You can spend more quality time with family.
  • With some online works you can earn passive income. An active income which requires very less efforts to earn and maintain.
  • With some online works you can get complete financial freedom.
  • With some online works you decide your own working schedule or hours.
  • You can travel around the world with complete freedom.

Below are the 15 ways through which you can earn online in Pakistan from your home. Go through all of them to find the best match for you.

01. Freelancing Platforms

Freelancing marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelance, etc, provide opportunities to sell your skills and earn a massive income online. You can work with clients from all around the world.

All of the freelancing marketplaces are free-to-join, there is no joining cost. Freelancing on these platforms is one of the quickest ways to earn online.

Clients post their jobs/work on these marketplaces. Relevant freelancers put their proposals and bids. Clients accept one of the proposals depending on their budget and freelancer’s skill-level or portfolio.

You can sell literally any skill on these marketplaces like Content Writing, Programming, Web Programming, Graphic Designing, Transcription, e-Commerce Services, Translation, Story Writing, Book Writing, Digital Art Services, Digital Marketing, Video & Animation, Lifestyle, and more..

It is important for you to learn how to create an engaging profile and how to write impressive proposals on these freelancing platforms.

What if you don’t have a skill? Don’t worry! there is a solution. You can quickly learn a skill by enrolling into a cheap course.

You can find amazing courses on Udemy & Data Science 365, etc.

02. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing in which you promote products, services, tools, software, etc, of brands/companies via blog, YouTube, and social media platforms. You earn a certain amount of commission from their price when sold.

Let’s say the price of XYZ product is $100 and your commission is 15%. When you produce a sale of XYZ product your will earn $15 commission each time.

Some affiliate programs offer percentage-based commission whereas some affiliate programs offer fixed commission.

You can start affiliate marketing by joining affiliate programs of brands/companies by visiting their website. Affiliate Program joining link is given in the footer menu or main menu of a website.

When you join an affiliate program of a brand/company you can use promotional content such as banners, coupons etc. You create your affiliate links for products or services through which your sale conversions are tracked.

Some companies build their own in-house affiliate management system like Amazon, Fiverr, Payoneer, eBay, Kinsta, whereas some of them offer affiliate programs through third-party affiliate networks like Impact Radius, Click Bank, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Partnerize, Rakuten LinkShare, etc.

Each affiliate network hosts hundreds of affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing best works with blogging.

03. Social Media Platforms

Each and everyone of you have access to the social media platforms, but do you know that people in Pakistan & around the world are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per month from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Tumblr, etc.

Let’s go through some of them:


Facebook is one of the most popular, powerful, and widely used social media platforms. There are 2 billion Facebook active users. 70% Facebook users login-daily. 1.7 billion users are active on smartphones. On average a user spends 20 minutes per day on Facebook.

You can’t miss this amazing platform to make money online.

Below are some methods to make money on Facebook:

  • You can monetize your Facebook videos with ads.
  • You can create your online store.
  • You can do Facebook marketing & advertisement. Course: Facebook Ads & Marketing.
  • You can promote your products via Facebook ads to produce sales.
  • You can share your affiliate links.
  • By creating Facebook pages and building large audiences you can get sponsored/paid content.
  • You can find clients related to your services like eCommerce, Programming, Digital Marketing, etc.


Twitter is also one of the most popular and powerful platforms to make money. Though it has less number of users as compare to Facebook, but with the power of hashtags & trends you can reach to global audience.

Twitter Marketing and Ads is the best method to make money online.

Below are some methods to make money on Twitter:

  • From paid or sponsored tweets.
  • You can share your affiliate links.
  • You can sell your own products and services.
  • By Twitter marketing and ads. Course: Twitter Marketing & Twitter Ads.


Pinterest is one of the fastest growing photo-sharing social media platforms having more than 80 million users around the world.

It is a women-driven platform, means most of the audience is women.

Here are some methods through which you can make money on Pinterest:


Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing social media platform. After Facebook, it has the most number of users i.e. more than 1 billion.

Here are some ways to make money on Instagram:

  • Choose a niche and consistently create content around it and build a large audience. Once you’re tagged Insta influencer you will get sponsors from brands.
  • Through affiliate marketing.
  • By creating your eCommerce store.
  • By selling your photos.
  • Through Live badges & IGTV ads.
  • By Instagram marketing. Course: Instagram Marketing.


TikTok is an extremely popular and fastest growing video-sharing platform. It is the most downloaded app ever and has the best engagement rate. Average time a person spends on TikTok is 62 minutes per day.

It has never happened before that a social media platform has gained this much success and popularity in a very short span of time. According to the latest trends, users from YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are switching to TikTok.

With minimum efforts you can gain huge audience. It is so powerful that with 0 followers your videos can reach to millions of users.

TikToker Khabane Lame has an estimated net worth of $2 Million USD.

Here are some ways to make money on TikTok:

  • Gain huge following, become influencer and get sponsored content from brands and services.
  • Through TikTok Livestreaming.
  • Go Live and ask for donations.
  • You can shift your TikTok audience to other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  • Sell your own products and services.
  • Sell your own products through TikTok Ads.
  • Through TikTok marketing & ads. Course: TikTok Marketing.

04. YouTube

YouTube is the largest and most popular free-video platform. There are millions of content creators who upload their content on YouTube channels and make money online.

You can start creating YouTube videos with your mobile camera and later purchase a professional camera.

For video editing you can use a free tool like Windows Movie Maker or purchase paid video-editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Filme, Invideo, etc.

You can make money on YouTube in 4 different ways.

  • Monetize With Google AdSense.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Paid & Sponsored Content.
  • Promote & Sell Your Own Product.
  • Through YouTube Marketing & Ads.

3 Quick Tips To Become A Successful YouTuber:

  • Choose a niche on which you can consistently create content. It could be travel, technology, eCommerce, gadgets, cooking, education, gardening, sports, etc.
  • Create original and quality content.
  • Promote your channel & videos on other social media platforms.

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05. Start a Professional Blog

Blog is a platform where you create and publish content. It is one of the best ways to earn passive online income from home.

Once you start earning from your blog it becomes your online business.

To start a professional blog you have to buy a domain and web hosting.

Domain is the URL or address through which a blog is accessed on your browser like meersworld.net is a domain.

All the content, emails, settings, configurations of a blog are stored in your web hosting. A blog content is accessed or loaded on browser via domain.

You can make money from you blog in 4 different ways:

  • Monetize with Google AdSense or similar Ad Network like Media.net, etc.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Paid or Sponsored Content & Links.
  • Promote & Sell Your Own Product like Software, Tool, Book, etc.

2 Quick Tips To Become A Successful blogger:

  • Choose a blogging niche around which you can create content. It could be gardening, blogging, technology, sports, cooking, travel, photography, fashion, arts, entertainment, etc.
  • Create unique and original content by focusing users.

Learn: How to Start a Professional Blog and Make Passive Income Online | A to Z.

06. Sell NFTs

NFT(Non-fungible Token) is a unique and nonexchangeable digital asset that represents real world objects like images/pictures/photos, paintings/arts, videos, music, games, domains, tweets, trading cards, collectibles, etc, which can be bought and sold online with supported cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Polygon, etc.

Like eCommerce marketplaces i.e. Amazon, Daraz, etc, there are NFT marketplaces where you can buy and sell NFTs. Some of the popular NFT Marketplaces are OpenSea, Axie Infinity, Crypto Punks, Foundation, etc.

Buying & Selling NFTs online is the most popular trend nowadays, particularly in the Western World. There is an immense craze and buzz around NFTs, and that’s why people are investing money on it.

Artist Beeple’s NFT “Everydays: the First 5000 Days” was sold for 42,329 ETH($69.3 Million USD). The famed Pakistani meme “Friendship ended with MUDASIR” was sold as NFT for 20.00 ETH( $49,866.40 USD) on August 2021.

If you’re graphic designer or artist you can create your own NFTs, but if you’re not then you can Hire NFT Artist who will create NFTs for you.

Course: NFT Fundamentals (Buy, Create and Sell NFTs).

07. Sell Video Courses Online

Selling your video courses online is another great way to make passive income online. People are earning millions of dollars by selling their video courses online on marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, etc.

Whatever you skill is you can sell it by creating quality video content.

Some topics for creating video courses online: Programming, Graphic Designing, Digital Arts, Cooking, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Business, Finance & Accounting, Photography, Education, etc.

Course: Build a Six-Figure Online Business Selling Online Courses.

08. Amazon

Amazon is the largest eCommerce marketplace in the world. It provides massive opportunities of earning passive income online from your home.

It won’t be wrong to say that working on Amazon is the quickest way to make money online.

There are 6 ways to make money online from Amazon in Pakistan:

  1. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program: One of the most popular affiliate programs to make money online. Read: How To Join Amazon Affiliate Program From Pakistan.
  2. Become An Amazon Freelancer/Virtual Assistant: Provide freelance services to Amazon sellers. You can find clients on Fiverr, Upwork, Facebook, etc.
  3. Become An Amazon Seller: Sign-up on Amazon as a seller and sell your own products on Amazon marketplace. Read: How To Create Amazon Seller Account From Pakistan.
  4. Amazon Dropshipping: It is a business model that allows you to sell or list products on Amazon which you don’t own.
  5. Amazon Wholesale: It is a business model in which you purchase products in bulk and resell them to consumers on Amazon by adding your profit margin.
  6. Amazon Kindle: Amazon Kindle is a platform where you can sell your ebooks. If you are not a writer you can hire someone who will write book for you. Learn: How To Create Free Amazon Kindle Account From Pakistan.

In order to learn more about these 6 different ways in detail, read this article: How To Earn Money From Amazon In Pakistan.

09. Daraz

Daraz is one of the most popular and largest eCommerce marketplaces in South Asia. Like Amazon, Daraz also provides you to earn a passive income online.

You can earn from Daraz in 4 different ways:

  1. Daraz Affiliate Program: To join Daraz affiliate program you have to register for it. After evaluating your information Daraz Team accepts or rejects your application. Learn: How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program & Make Money Online.
  2. Provide Freelance Daraz Services: You can provide freelance services to Daraz sellers. You can find Daraz clients on freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.
  3. Become A Daraz Seller: If you’re 18 or above you can create Daraz seller account and sell your products. Daraz offers 4 types of Seller Accounts (1) Daraz MallSeller (2) Local Seller (3) Global Seller (4) Digital Sahulat. To know more, Read: How To Create Daraz Seller Center Account | 4 Types.

10. Create Personal eCommerce Store

In the above 2 sections you learnt how you can make money online by selling on Amazon and Daraz marketplaces, but do you know that you can create your own eCommerce store to sell your products.

Though there are many ways to create your online store in Pakistan, but we are mentioning only 2 here.

  • Create a free online store on Dukan PK
  • Create a WooCommerce Online Store

01. Dukan PK

Dukan PK is a platform on which you can create your free eCommerce store in less than a minute. It is the initiative of Monis Rehman, founder of Rozee PK.

To create your Dukan PK store you have to install Dukan PK app in your mobile phone.

Dukan PK offers following features:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Maintains Customer & Vendor Credit Records
  • Multiple Delivery Options
  • Ads on Facebook For Marketing
  • Broadcast Messages to Customers
  • Supports Multiple Payment Methods like Cash On Delivery, Jazz Cash, Bank Transfer, IBAN, Credit Card, Easy Paisa, etc
  • Creates Bills
  • Creates Discount Coupons
  • Redirect Dukan Subdomain To a Custom Domain

02. WooCommerce Store

If you want to launch a large and feature-rich online store you can use WooCommerce plugin. One of the most popular and widely used WordPress plugin for creating online stores.

There are 4 steps to launch your WooCommerce store:

11. Create Showcase eCommerce Website

A showcase eCommerce website is a type of an online store where you sell products of other brands or marketplaces by joining their affiliate programs.

Let’s say you want to promote Amazon products on your showcase store. Following steps will be involved:

  • You will join Amazon affiliate program. Once you join you will have access to your Amazon affiliate dashboard where you can create affiliate links for your desired products.
  • Now you have to add that product in your showcase store with images, description, price, and affiliate link.
  • When visitors will click that product they will be redirected to the Amazon Product Page from where they can purchase that product.
  • You will earn your commission from the price of that product when sold.

Your showcase eCommerce website can be multi-niche as well as single niche. It is better to have a single niche showcase website because it works better in search results.

You can join any affiliate program related to your showcase store niche. Let’s say your niche is related to fashion. You will join affiliate programs of the marketplaces or brands that deal with fashion products like clothing, shoes, etc.

You can create your showcase store on free platforms, paid platforms, or you can purchase domain, web-hosting, and showcase theme.

If you want to create your showcase eCommerce store on WordPress you have to repeat the 4 steps in the above section WooCommerce Store. Only difference is, you will sell affiliate products instead of your own products.

If you want to create your showcase online store on Blogger (free-platform), you have to first create a Blogger blog and then install a showcase Blogger template.

Learn: How To Create A Blog On Blogger – For Beginners | Start A Blog

Here are some Blogger templates for affiliate-based websites:

There are plenty of other platforms on which you can create your showcase online store.

12. Sell Your Digital Assets

Selling your Digital Assets is another great way to earn a passive income online from home.

If you’re a graphic designer, developer or a programmer, you can sell digital assets like website themes, codes/scripts, 3D graphics, photos, etc, on marketplaces like Envato.

You must have heard of Mohammad Haris, a freelance developer from Lahore, earns $10 Million+ USD by selling “Avada” on Envato’s marketplace Themeforest.

Avada is a Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce. It was published on Themeforest in 2012. Till 2022 it has been sold 782,747 times. Its price in Feb 2022 for Regular License is $60 and Extended License is $2950.

You can also hire a freelancer to create a digital assets for you that you can sell on a marketplace like Envato.

13. Transcription

Transcription is the process of converting audios into text. It is one of the most popular earn-online works that people do from home.

There are 3 main categories of transcription i.e. General Transcription, Legal Transcription, and Medical Transcription.

General Transcription can be done by anyone whereas Legal and Medical Transcription need relevant vocabulary, and that’s why Legal and Medical transcribers earn more than the General transcribers.

High quality audios are easy to transcribe whereas poor quality audios are very difficult to transcribe.

For transcription you need quality headphones, audio-enhancer/transcription-software, computer, and a foot pedal.

You can do transcription work on freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc, or by joining transcription companies like Rev, Transcribe Me, GoTranscript, etc.

How much you can earn from transcription depends on your experience. Expert transcriber earn more whereas beginners earn less. Transcription companies pay Per Audio Hour or Per Audio Minute.

Most of the transcription companies pay you via PayPal whereas there are few which pay via Payoneer. If you don’t have PayPal you can’t work with them, but you can work with those which pay via Payoneer. Learn: How To Create Payoneer Account In Pakistan.

Though there are hundreds of transcription companies that offer transcription jobs, but below are some of the top and legitimate transcription companies.

14. Teach Online

Teaching Online is getting popular day-by-day in Pakistan. As an online teacher you can provide religious, technical and academic education from your home to any part of the world.

You can find online teaching jobs on freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, as well as on job portals and langauge exchange platforms like Glassdoor, Rozee, Studypool, Teacheron, Teachaway, Parhai Likhai, Indeed, Lingoo, iTalki, Speaky, etc.

15. Buy & Sell Domains

Buying and selling of domains is also a profitable online business. You buy domains in advance from domain providers and sell later to those who require.

This business requires some intelligence and research. You can’t buy random domains blindly. You have to target those domains which would have a demand in the near future.

You can target businesses, startups, places, athletes, celebrities, animals, plants, products, etc.

Let’s say I buy a domain “buygsd.com” in advance. Few months later, a dog seller wants to launch a website to sell German Shepherds online. He will search for a suitable domain on a web hosting website.

Now again assume that he will search for “buygsd.com“. There he will come to know that the domain is owned by someone else. There is a probability that he would like to purchase the same domain for his website because it is very much relevant to his business.

In that case he will send/make an offer to purchase the domain from me. I can sell that domain at a very high rate as compare to the rate at which I bought the domain. This is how this business works.

Namecheap is one of the largest domain providers in the world. If you want to start this business, it is the best platform.

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the top legitimate ways to earn online in Pakistan from home. We hope that they would have got your interest. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with the other people. share your feedback in the comments section below.

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