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How To Create a Free Blog/Website On Blogger [2022]

How To Create a Blog/Website On Blogger featured


How To Create a Free Blog/Website On Blogger [2022]

Do you want to create a free blog or website on Blogger? You’re in the right place. In this tutorial we will guide you step-by-step on how to create a free blog or website on Blogger.

Blogger is one of the most popular & oldest free blogging platform that allows you to create multi-user blogs and websites. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003.

All the Blogger blogs/websites are hosted by Google & accessed by subdomain “” like ““. The “” at the end of a URL shows that this blog/website is powered or owned by Blogger.

What is domain? Domain is a URL or address through which a blog or website is accessed on internet. For example, is a domain. A domain is also called custom domain.

What is subdomain? A subdomain is a domain that is part of another domain. For example, in, meerbasit is the subdomain of It means that it is the property of

What is the difference between blog and a website? Before you go further it is important for you to understand the difference between a blog and website, so that you will know whether you need a blog or a website.

A blog is a type of website where content (posts/articles) is regularly added and updated. Mostly, blogs are created to make money. There are different types of blogs like personal blogs, portfolio blogs, news & magazine blogs, etc.

Whereas on website content is not regularly updated, consists of static/dynamic pages. Its main purpose is to show or present your personal/business/company/institute profile, portfolio, services, etc, on internet. There are different types of websites like personal website, company/corporate/agency website, eCommerce website, portfolio website, etc.

Blogger is primarily a blogging platform then how to create a website on it? Answer is, using custom Blogger themes. You can develop your own custom theme or you can use a professional custom Blogger theme. The custom themes are discussed in the Section 4 (Blogger Custom Themes) below.

What are the pros & cons of Blogger? There is no doubt that Blogger is a great blogging platform, but it has some pros and cons (limitations).


  • Blogger is free and owned by Google. You don’t need to purchase domain and web hosting.
  • It has a builtin system to show your traffic stats such as page views, top pages, top locations, etc.
  • It is easy to setup your Blogger blog/website.
  • It is easy to take backup of content and theme in Blogger.
  • Blogger provides a special feature called Custom Domain that allows you to redirect your .blogspot subdomain to a custom domain. The professional blogs and websites use custom domain. This feature has been explained in the Section 6 (How To Redirect .blogspot to Custom Domain) below.


  • The ownership belongs to Google. If you violate Google policies for publishers it can delete your pages or blog.
  • Blogger is not fully-customizable. It doesn’t provide access to coding files. You can only modify HTML, Javascript and CSS.
  • Blogger is ideal for simple blogs and websites with basic features. If you’re looking for feature-rich blogs or eCommerce websites then Blogger is not the ideal choice. You can go for powerful platforms such as WordPress | Learn: How To Start a WordPress Blog & Make Money.

Following topics will be covered in this tutorial:

  1. How To Create A Gmail Account
  2. How To Choose A Domain Name
  3. How To Create a Blog On Blogger
  4. Blogger Custom Themes
  5. Set Up Your Blogger Blog/Website
  6. How To Redirect .blogspot to Custom Domain
  7. How To Earn Money From Blogger Blog

01. Create A Gmail Account

Since Blogger is a platform hosted by Google, so you need to create a Gmail account. If you already have a Gmail account you can Sign-up with that, but if you don’t have a Gmail account read this tutorial:

02. How To Choose A Domain Name

Choosing a right domain name is very important for your blog. Often people get confused when it comes to choose a domain name. So for your help, here are some suggestions on how to choose a right domain name:

  • It should be easy to remember.
  • It should be easy to pronounce.
  • It should be easy to type.
  • It should be brandable.
  • From SEO point-of-view it is best if your domain name contains a keyword relevant to your website. Let’s say you have a website about Blogger tutorials. You can use the keyword “Blogger” in your domain like “” or “” etc.
  • If you have a personal blog or portfolio blog you can use your own name as well.
  • You can also create a domain name from your “Name” and “Business Name”. Let’s say your name is John and you have a business of glasses, you can name it “”.

In the Step 03 you will be choosing your blog name and blog domain name. So keep these suggestions in your mind. On Blogger your domain name will be something like “” or “”. The subdomain “” will be added at the end.

03. How To Create a Blog on Blogger

  • Open
  • Click “CREATE YOUR BLOG” button.
  • It will redirect you to Gmail Sign In.
How To Create A Blog On Blogger/Blogspot - For Beginners | Start A Blog 1
  • Enter your Gmail ID.
  • Click Next.
How To Create A Blog On Blogger/Blogspot - For Beginners | Start A Blog 2
  • Enter your Password.
  • Click Next.
How To Create A Blog On Blogger/Blogspot - For Beginners | Start A Blog 3
  • Enter the Display Name. Display Name is the blog’s main author or admin name.
  • Click “Continue to Blogger“.
How To Create A Blog On Blogger/Blogspot - For Beginners | Start A Blog 4
  • Click the “CREATE NEW BLOG“.
How To Create A Blog On Blogger/Blogspot - For Beginners | Start A Blog 5
  • Enter the Title of your blog means your blog name. In most of the cases your blog name and domain name are same like our blog name is “Meer’s World” and domain name is “”. So while choosing your blog name/title always keep your domain name in your mind.
  • Enter the Address(URL) of your blog through which your blog will be accessed. It is your domain (subdomain) name. When you will type the Address, it will check for its availability.
  • Once you are done with your blog Address choose a Theme. If you are not sure which theme to choose, pick any theme right now because you can change your theme later.
  • Click “Create blog!” button.
How To Create A Blog On Blogger/Blogspot - For Beginners | Start A Blog 6
  • Congratulations! You have successfully created a blog on Blogger.
  • Click the “View blog” at your left side to see your live blog. If it is not available at top, scroll down to the bottom of your sidebar.
How To Create A Blog On Blogger/Blogspot - For Beginners | Start A Blog 7


04. Blogger Custom Themes

Why you need a professional Blogger theme? Always remember that first impression is the last impression. If you have a poorly-designed theme, people might not visit your blog again and this is where professional responsive themes do the job.

The Blogger builtin themes are basic themes, don’t fulfill the requirements of a professional blog or a website.

The modern professional Blogger themes also reduce the bounce rate of a website/blog. Bounce rate is the percentage of people come to your blog or blog page and leave without going to another page. High Bounce decreases the ranking of your blog in Google.

How to launch a website on Blogger? As we mentioned at the top that Blogger is a blogging platform then how would you create a website on it? Answer is, using/installing a custom theme specifically made for websites.

Have a look on these professional Blogger themes if you’re looking for launching a website.

If you want to design a Blogger template of your choice you can hire a professional freelance Blogger developer.

Here are some professional custom Blogger themes for all types of blogs such as News & Magazine, Travel, Food, Lifestlye, Fashion, Personal, Writing, etc.

05. Set Up Your Blogger Blog/Website

Since you have created your Blogger blog/website, now it is time to setup it for search appearance.

Go to Pages section and create these 4 important pages, and provide their links on your menu:

Complete Introduction to Blogger Editor.

06. How To Redirect .blogspot to Custom Domain

Any domain that you buy from a web hosting company is called custom domain like “” is a custom domain.

The benefit of using the custom domain is that your blog looks professional. Addition to that custom domain is easy to type, easy to remember & easy to pronounce.

Since the Blogger is a free platform so all its blog URLs end with the subdomain “” which may not seem professional, so that’s why Blogger offers you an optional feature that can redirect your “” subdomain to a custom domain.

Before you use this feature you have to buy a custom domain from a reliable web hosting. Once it is active you can redirect your “.blogspot” subdomain. Normally if you buy a custom domain that ends with “.com”, “.net”, “.org” will cost only $8 to $12 per year.

We have created a separate tutorial that guides you step-by-step on:

  • How to choose a domain name
  • How to buy/register a new domain
  • How to redirect your “.blogspot” URL to custom domain
  • How to redirect naked domain to “www”.

Follow this tutorial: How To Redirect Blogspot To Custom Domain

06. How To Earn Money From Your Blogger Blog?

There are different ways you can earn money from your blog i.e Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Paid Content, & Selling Your Own Product.

In order to learn “How to apply/sign-up for Google AdSense from Blogger” & “How to add Google AdSense gadgets in Blogger once your blog is approved” read this tutorial:

There are many alternatives to Google AdSense for monetizing your blog, such as:

Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn certain amount of commission(money) by selling a product or service of a company via your affiliate links.

There are thousands of affiliate programs available on internet for every niche. In order to become their affiliate partner you have to submit an application where you provide information about yourself & your blog.

Once they review your application they will send you an email whether it is accepted or rejected. Some affiliate programs accept applications without review.

You can search on Google for affiliate programs relevant to your blog niche or content. Here are some of the popular affiliate programs & affiliate platforms:

On Meer’s World you can find plenty of content on online earnings | Find Here.

If you want to know which one is better between Google AdSense & Affiliate Marketing or which one is more suitable to your blog, read this post:


So it was all about creating a free blog or website on Blogger. We hope that article would have helped you. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with other people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.



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