Hire Top NFT Artists To Create NFT Art For You



Top NFT Artists/Designers To Create NFT Art For You

Are you planing to sell NFTs and looking for top professional NFT artists/designers to create NFT art for you? You’re in the right place.

I have handpicked one of the top freelance professional NFT artists/designers who will create NFT arts for your project and quickly deliver.

The introduction of NFTs in crypto has taken the world by storm. Anyone who knows the potential of NFTs(Non Fungible Tokens) in making money is investing on it.

Artist Beeple’s NFT “Everydays: the First 5000 Days” was sold for 42,329 ETH($69.3 million), the most expensive NFT ever sold. The NFT “Punk 9998#” from CryptoPunks Collection was sold for 124.46K ETH (532.41Million USD).

A professional NFT artist can make your concept of NFT art to a big success story. A super idea with proper execution can make wonders.

Each NFT artist offers 3 plans i.e. Basic, Standard, and Premium, and each plan offers 1 base character/art, different traits/accessories, and variations. Traits, accessories and variations vary from plan to plan.

Some of the NFT artists create arts/characters in Cartoon & Comic style, whereas some of them in Pixel Art & Doodle styles. NFT arts include Apes, Gorillas, Dogs, Demons, Crypto Punks, Monkeys, Cats, Cartoon Characters, Skeletons, Fruits, Fish, and more..


Here is the list of my handpicked freelance NFT artists with brief profile reviews. Go through all of them to find the ideal artist who would execute your concept.

01. Ramzy

Ramzy is the founder of Dsign Crtel. He & his team creates high-quality & unique NFT arts in Cartoon & Comic style.

Country : United Kingdom

02. Frank

Frank leads a team of top professional NFT artists who create amazing NFT art collections in Cartoon & Comic style.

Country: Argentina

03. Stefan Prodanovic

Stefan Prodanovic is a senior graphic designer. He provides high-quality custom base NFT arts in Cartoon & Comic style. Stefan doesn’t draw 3D and Pixel Art NFTs.

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

04. Astarotte

Astarotte is a very responsive creative graphic artist and illustrator. She has created plenty of NFT art collections for different clients in Pixel Art style.

Country: Philippines

05. Damian

Damian is an experienced professional designer who creates top quality NFT arts in Cartoon & Comic style. He has also worked for Wicked Ape Bone Club.

Country: Poland

06. Camilo

Camilo is a graphic designer and visual artist with plenty of experience. He creates NFT arts in Comic & Cartoons style.

Country: Colombia

07. Karinadewi

Karinadewi is a passionate concept artist with tons of experience in illustration work. She draws 2D Pixel Arts with great creativity.

Country: Indonesia

08. Dilshan Abey

Dilshan Abey creates Pixel Art NFTs for OpenSea marketplace using their advanced AI(Artificial Intelligence)-based software.

Country: Indonesia

09. Deny Wicka

Deny is a professional illustrator who starts his every NFT art from the sketch. He creates random arts in Doodle style.

Country: Indonesia

10. Luigi

Luigi is an expert artist, graphic designer and the founder of Fu2re Studio. They create NFT pixel art collection like Crypto Punks.

Country: Italy

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the top NFT artists/designers who can create amazing NFT arts for you. If they don’t fulfill your requirements or match to your budget and ideas, you can find more NFT artists Here.

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