How To Make A YouTube Video In 5 Simple Steps With Ease



How To Make A YouTube Video In 5 Simple Steps With Ease featured

Do you want to make a YouTube video, but it seems like a tough task? Invest some time to learn how to do it. Let us guide you through the process.

What are your goals? Are you a business person who wants to use video content to draw attention to your brand? Or, are you an amateur YouTuber who wants to record a stunning video to publish on your new YouTube channel?

Here, we will tell you how to make a YouTube video in 5 simple steps to impress your audience.

How to Make a YouTube Video- The 5 Simple Steps

  1. Create your channel.
  2. Make your video.
  3. Do the editing.
  4. Publish on YouTube.
  5. Engage with viewers and promote your video.

01. Create Your YouTube Channel

The first step is to set up your YouTube Channel. It is an easy and quick process. Here’s how to create a YouTube channel:

  • Go to and tap on ‘sign in’.
  • Log in with your Google account.
  • In the top right corner, click on the profile icon and select ‘Create a channel’.
  • Choose ‘use your name’ or ‘use a custom name’. You can select ‘use a custom name’ for your small business.
  • Put in your channel name.
  • Upload a profile picture.
  • Add channel description.
  • Add links to your brand’s website, blog, Instagram account, etc.
  • Your channel is created!

You may now customize your channel and edit the profile picture or description as you like.

If you are creating a YouTube channel for video marketing, there’s a cool feature for you- YouTube Analytics. It gives you an idea of your audience like demographics, which content is popular among your audience, and much more.

02. Make Your Video

Recording your video is easy. But how to make a YouTube video? Well, it is not too different from a simple video but requires some tactics.

With 1.9 billion active users, YouTube is a fierce market. We suggest you follow these steps to stand out in the market:

  • Understand the platform- YouTube is free and simple. Use it as your commercial space. Make short and sweet videos. Make as many videos as you wish.
  • Search Engine Optimization- To make sure your video appears in searches, focus on your niche, don’t make it broad. Add keyword phrases to the description. Use appropriate hashtags. Select a video category for your video.
  • Have a goal- An aimless video may not be a cool idea. Have an objective in mind. Know your target audience. Be selective and clear. Learn how your video will benefit them.
  • Pick a meaningful title- No one types a full sentence in the search box. Your video’s title must be simple and relevant to the content you are providing. Try to include appropriate keywords. The rank of a video on YouTube depends on keyword phrases too.
  • Write your script- Be creative. Start your video on a note of excitement. You may begin by telling a funny incident, an interesting relatable story, or an adventurous experience. Don’t be boring. Pen down an impressive script.
  • Select a location- Choose a location that adds value to your video, a space that suits your story. If you are filming scenes at different locations, arrange them in an orderly fashion while editing.
  • Light up the area- It is best to shoot in sunlight. It provides perfect lighting needed for an outstanding video. You get the perfect soft light during the morning and evening hours. When filming inside, set the cameras in the right place for proper illumination.
  • Choose a thumbnail- You may want to take a few snapshots for the thumbnail. A thumbnail is as important as the title. Choose attractive poses, orientation, and location. Users tend to click on a video if they see an impressive thumbnail.

03. Do The Editing

Now that you are familiar with- ‘how to make a YouTube video’, you must have created your video. But is that enough? Are you ready to upload it? The answer is, no!

You need to edit your video to cut out the blurred shots, add super cool templates, add audio or music files, include visuals and adjust color to make it appear professional.

A good video editor will do all these for you. Use a free online video maker to assemble the clips. Trim your video. Add clips, audio, or music files. Add cool visuals.

Adjust the color and lighting using your video editor. Choose a template that goes with your theme. Add your logo. Run your video. Do a final review. And finally, export it.

Looks spectacular. Doesn’t it? We’re close to finally uploading it.

04. Publish on YouTube

It’s time to finally get going. Here are the steps-

  • Sign in to your YouTube channel.
  • Tap on ‘Upload Video’.
  • Upload your video and select ‘public’.
  • Add a relevant title. Don’t use a tough word; keep it simple and sweet.
  • Write the description. Tell the audience about your brand and video, using keywords, and your website, Twitter and Instagram links.
  • Choose an appealing, high- resolution thumbnail. Remember, the first thing people see next to the title is the thumbnail.
  • Hit ‘publish’!

05. Engage with Viewers and Promote your Video

Great! You just created your polished YouTube video. Now, head up to your channel’s feedback section to collect some love.

Engage with your viewers, like and reply to their comments. Answer their queries and let them know where to find more. These will make them feel connected to your brand.

Promote your stunning video on social media platforms to increase viewership.


It is normal for a beginner to be unfamiliar with the technicalities. But now that you are familiar with the steps involved in creating a YouTube video, it’s best to practice making videos on YouTube. You will fully understand the significance of the title, thumbnail, lighting, and SEO in the process.

So, hurry up and follow the steps discussed and use your skills to create excellent videos for your YouTube channel. Then, sit back and see your viewership jump. And, who knows? You or your brand may become the next big thing overnight!

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