25 Best & Profitable Pinterest Niche Ideas [2024]



Best Niche Ideas For Pinterest

Are you looking for best & most profitable Pinterest niche ideas? You’re in the right place. After doing a deep research we have handpicked one of the top & evergreen Pinterest niche ideas for you.

Pinterest is not just a photo-sharing platform rather you can earn a massive income from it. It is an amazing platform to promote your content online.

Your success on Pinterest largely depends on your target audience, and to engage a large target audience you need a good niche idea.


Remember that these Pinterest niches are randomly listed not ranked. I have also listed popular & trending subcategories on Pinterest under every niche, so that it will help you more to understand a niche.

You can make Boards on Pinterest with these subcategories. You can even make a niche from a subcategory.

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Let’s have a look on these 25 niche ideas to work on Pinterest:

01. Beauty

Beauty is one of the most competitive and profitable niches. Since ratio of women using Pinterest is very high as compared to men, so this niche has a very huge potential to get a large audience.

Beauty related sub niches:

  • Beauty hacks
  • Beauty makeup
  • Beauty room
  • Beauty skin care
  • Beauty salon design
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewellery

02. Home Decor

Home decor(decoration) is one of the most demanding and competitive niches on Pinterest especially for dropshippers. Home decor niche promote products that enhance the aesthetic and environment of home.

Home Decor related sub niches:

  • Home decor ideas 
  • Home decor ideas living room 
  • Home decor kitchen 
  • Home decor bedroom 
  • Home decor on a budget

03. Celebrities

People love celebrities and there is a massive fan fallowing on all social networks. People love to share celebrity gossips, updates, lifestyle, cars, fashion, brands etc. Few decades back there were either movie celebrities or sports celebrities, but now there are social media celebrities and influencers as well, it means the content is growing very rapidly.

Celebrities related sub niches:

  • Celebrity updates 
  • Celebrity gossips 
  • Celebrity style 
  • Celebrity lifestyle 
  • Celebrity fashion 
  • Celebrity trends 
  • Celebrities then and now 
  • Celebrities funny 
  • Celebrity pets 

04. Landscaping

Landscape is the visible features of an area of land, landforms and how they integrate with natural or artificial features. So landscaping refers to an activity that involves in modification of visible features of an area of land.

There are lot of benefits of Landscaping, like outdoor living areas improve quality of life, reduces the use of natural resources, grass and trees provide cooler temperatures, and more.

Landscaping related sub niches:

  • Landscaping ideas 
  • Landscaping front yard 
  • Landscaping with rocks 
  • Landscaping retaining walls 
  • Landscaping front yard on a budget 
  • Landscaping around trees

05. Gadgets

A gadget is a small device or machine with a specific purpose like wireless device, smartphone, etc. Every single person around us uses gadgets in his daily life.

Gadgets related sub niches:

  • Gadgets and gizmos 
  • Gadgets for men 
  • Gadgets technology 
  • Gadgets for home 
  • Gadgets kitchen cooking 
  • Gadget and gizmos for cooking 
  • Gadgets and gizmos tech gifts

06. Books

Books are integral part of every home, office, or workplace whether people read them or not. Books niche is very demanding and has a very large scope. People not only search books, but also search about how to manage books.

Books related sub niches:

  • Books to read 
  • Bookshelves 
  • Bookshelf styling 
  • Bookshelf decor 
  • Books photography 
  • Bookshelf ideas 
  • Book art 
  • Book quotes

07. Movies

Movies are one of those topics which are searched massively on internet. This niche is always very demanding and popular. People love to watch movies, read reviews, information, etc.

Movies related sub niches:

  • Movies to watch 
  • Movies to watch online 
  • Movies to watch Hindi
  • Movies on Netflix to watch 
  • Movie updates 
  • Movie reviews
  • Latest Movies

08. Relationships

Love is one of the most profound emotions and feelings known to people. People love to have relationships and are always inquisitive to learn how to maintain good relationships.

Relationships related sub niches:

  • Relationships love 
  • Relationships goals 
  • Relationships are hard quotes 
  • Relationships pictures 
  • Relationships quotes 
  • Relationships advice 
  • Marriage goals

09. Investing

Investing is about putting money on financial schemes, property, shares, business, etc, with the expectations to get profit.

Investing related sub niches:

  • Finance 
  • Startups 
  • Finance tips 
  • Investing money 
  • Investing for beginners 
  • Investing in real estate 
  • Investing quotes

10. Dating

Like Relationships, Dating is also a very demanding niche. People love to date and always look for dating tips, advice, etc.

Dating related sub niches:

  • Dating advice 
  • Dating memes 
  • Dating quotes 
  • Dating memes funny 
  • Dating questions 
  • Dating after divorce 
  • Dating a single mom quotes

11. Fashion

Fashion is the popular or contemporary style of clothing, hair, etc. Fashion changes from time to time, so to remain updated people always search for fashion trends. That’s why it is a very profitable and demanding niche.

Fashion related sub niches:

  • Fashion dresses 
  • Fashion shoes 
  • Fashion photography 
  • Fashion sketches 
  • Fashion design sketches 
  • Fashion trends 
  • Fashion outfits women 
  • Mens clothing 
  • Menswear 
  • Womens clothing 
  • Hairstyles

12. Daily Quotes

People love to read and share quotes of well known people to get inspiration and remain motivated. Quotes does have an impact on people’s life. One daily quote can make a day for them, so people often search for new and old Daily Quotes and that’s why it is a demanding niche.

Daily Quotes related sub niches:

  • Daily quotes positive 
  • Daily quotes to live by 
  • Daily quotes funny 
  • Daily quotes inspirational 
  • Daily quotes good vibes 
  • Daily quotes wise words

13. Gardening

Gardening is the practice of growing plants, flowers, vegetables, grass or maintaining your garden. There are lot of people who adopt gardening as a hobby.

Gardening related sub niches:

  • Gardening for beginners 
  • Gardening ideas 
  • Gardening tips 
  • Gardening for kids 
  • Gardening hacks 
  • Gardening quotes 
  • Gardening outfit

14. Flowers

Who does not like flowers! Flowers add colors to our life and always a symbol of love and positive vibes. People search about flower types, drawing, flowers bouquet, etc.

Flowers related sub niches:

  • Flowers drawing 
  • Flowers photography 
  • Flowers aesthetics 
  • Flowers wallpapers 
  • Flowers bouquet 
  • Flowers arrangements 
  • Flowers quotes

15. Sewing

Sewing is a skill or activity of making or repairing cloths, leather, etc. Sewing is one of the fastest growing niches on Pinterest. This niche is mostly related to women.

Sewing related sub niches:

  • Sewing projects 
  • Sewing crafts 
  • Sewing patterns 
  • Sewing hacks 
  • Sewing techniques 
  • Sewing room organization 
  • Sewing projects for beginners

16. Travel

If you have a passion, knowledge and experience of travel, travel products, and accessories you can engage a huge audience because everyone love traveling.

Travel related sub niches:

  • Travel quotes 
  • Travel destinations 
  • Travel diaries 
  • Travel essentials 
  • Travel outfit 
  • Travel photography 
  • Travel tattoo 
  • Travel aesthetic

17. Photography

Photography is also very vast and demanding niche like Travel. People love to see photographs. There are various categories of photography, like event photography, travel photography, family photography, etc.

Photography related sub niches:

  • Nature photography 
  • Photography ideas 
  • Photography inspiration 
  • Photography poses women 
  • Photography poses for men 
  • Photography editing 
  • Photography tips

18. Yoga

Yoga is a group of exercises which are performed very slowly and relaxing way. It makes people fit both physically and mentally. In today’s world its demand is growing day-by-day because everyone want relief. Yoga is one of the most searched niches on Pinterest.

Yoga related sub niches:

  • Yoga Poses 
  • Yoga Poses for beginners 
  • Yoga fitness 
  • Yoga quotes 
  • Yoga inspiration 
  • Yoga photography 
  • Yoga outfit 
  • Yoga training

19. Woodworking

Woodworking is a skill or activity of making items of wood and includes carpentry, cabinet making, wood carving etc. Like Sewing niche Woodworking is also very demanding and fast growing niche.

Woodworking related sub niches:

  • Woodworking projects 
  • Woodworking tools 
  • Woodworking shop 
  • Woodworking crafts 
  • Woodworking plans 
  • Woodworking jigs 
  • Woodworking bench

20. Poetry

Like Quotes people love to read and share poetry & poems on social networks particularly Pinterest.  They always search for new and old poetry.

Poetry related sub niches:

  • Poetry quotes 
  • English poetry 
  • Urdu poetry 
  • Hindi poetry 
  • Poetry books 
  • Poetry prompts
  • Poetry aesthetic

21. Make Money Online

The earning trends of world have been changed. Instead of doing 8 to 5 jobs, people look for different ways to make money online. The “Make Money Online” is also one of the most demanding and profitable niches on Pinterest.

Make Money Online related sub niches:

  • Make money online fast 
  • How to make money online 
  • Make money online passive income 
  • Make money online from home 
  • Make money online extra cash 
  • Make money online for beginners 
  • Make money online internet marketing 
  • Make money online free 
  • Affiliate marketing

22. Health & Fitness

Like Yoga, Health & Fitness is also a very demanding & most popular niches on Pinterest. Most of the people who when cross 30s and 40s often search for health and fitness stuff.

Health & Fitness related sub niches:

  • Health & Fitness tips 
  • Health & Fitness motivation 
  • Health & Fitness for women 
  • Health & Fitness for men 
  • Health & Fitness quotes 
  • Health & Fitness journal 
  • Health & Fitness goals

23. Food

Who does not like food! That’s why food is one of the most popular and demanding niche on Pinterest.

Food related sub niches:

  • Food recipes 
  • Food cravings 
  • Food photography 
  • Food videos 
  • Food platters 
  • Food & drink 
  • Food aesthetic 
  • Food presentation

24. Fun

Like Food everyone love fun as well. In order to make oneself and others happy, people read and share funny memes, quotes, pictures, etc.

Fun related sub niches:

  • Funny memes 
  • Funny pictures 
  • Funny jokes 
  • Funny quotes 
  • Funny texts 
  • Funny memes hilarious 
  • Funny wallpapers

25. Tattoos

Designing tattoos on body has been part of fashion since last decade. People often search for tattoo designs and how to make tattoos.

Tattoos related sub niches:

  • Tattoos for women 
  • Tattoos for guys 
  • Tattoos for moms with kids 
  • Tattoos for women meaningful 
  • Tattoos for daughters

Hopefully, these niche ideas will help you to choose a right niche. Pinterest is a great platform to make a career and earn-online. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with other people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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