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How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program & Make Money Online

How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program & Make Money Online featured


How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program & Make Money Online

Do you want to join Daraz Affiliate Program & make money online? You’re in the right place. In this tutorial we will guide you step-by-step to how to signup Daraz Affiliate Program from scratch.

The Daraz Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate programs in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal & Sri Lanka. Like Amazon Associates it provides an opportunity to digital content creators such as Bloggers, YouTubers, Influencers, etc, to make money online.

Daraz is a well known large ecommerce marketplace offering services in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.

It offers over 50 million products in over 99+ categories like Electronics, Smartphones, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Sports, Pets, Plants, etc.

Whatever your niche maybe you can find ideal products on Daraz to monetize your blog or channel.

How Much Money You Can Make Per Month From Daraz Affiliate Program?

Daraz affiliate program offers commissions up to 10% or even more. The commission rates could vary from category to category.

You monthly earnings are influenced by two factors (1) Number of sales per month (2) Price of products that you promote. For example, there are two products A and B. The Price of A is 20,000 PKR whereas the Price of B is 25,00 PKR. The 10% commission of A will be 2000 PKR and B will be 250 PKR.

Let’s say you produce 40 sales of product A in a month, your total earnings will be (2000 PKR) X (40) = 80, 000 PKR. Similarly you can calculate the commissions for other products as well.

Minimum Payment Threshold

Daraz issues your affiliate commissions/payments every month. To withdraw your commission, the total commission should be at least PKR equivalent of $25 USD (at the prevailing exchange rate).

If your total commission in a given month is less than $25 it will be shifted to the next month. Daraz sends your commissions directly to your local bank account via your Bank Account Number or IBAN.

Acceptance Criteria Of Daraz

Do remember that Daraz affiliate team manually evaluates submitted applications and then decides whether to accept or reject. It considers the factors such as Monthly Traffic, Quality of Content, etc, for evaluation.

If your application is accepted you will be notified via email where you will get further details.

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How To Fill Daraz Affiliate Signup Form

Follow the steps to fill the Daraz Affiliate Program signup form:

  • Go to Daraz website and click “DARAZ AFFILIATE PROGRAM” link, located at top.

If the link is not available at top then go to bottom of the page just above the Footer and find the link “Join the Daraz Affiliate” or “Daraz Affiliate Program“.

How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 1
  • Click “SIGN UP NOW”.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 2
  • If you’re already signed-in to your email account, the Sign-Up form will automatically add your email ID. You can change your email ID by clicking on “Switch account”.
  • If you’re not already signed-in then it will ask you to enter any of your email ID.
  • Click “Next”.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 3

Tell Us About Your Traffic

Provide your traffic details:

  • Enter the URL of your Blog/App/Social Media Page/YouTube Channel where you will promote Daraz products like “”, “”, “”, etc.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 4
  • Choose your Business.
  • Choose your Monthly Traffic range. It will be the traffic of your source whose URL you will mention above. Let’s say, if you enter the URL of your blog above, you will choose the traffic of your blog here.
  • Click “Next”.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 5

Bank Information

Provide your Bank Information:

  • In the “Beneficiary Name” enter the name of a person to whom bank account belongs to.

If you’re providing the information of your own bank account, then you’re the Beneficiary. The name should exactly be the same as mentioned in the bank account or ATM/Credit Card. Mostly it is written in capital words.

  • In the “Beneficiary Country” enter the country name where you’re located.
  • In the “Beneficiary Address” enter the address where you’re living.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 6
  • In the “Beneficiary Phone Number” enter your phone number.
  • In the “Beneficiary Bank Account Number” enter the bank account number.
  • In the “Beneficiary IBAN Number” enter your IBAN(International Bank Account Number) number.

In IBAN some characters are added to your local bank account number to make it international. Example: PK36 SCBL 0000 0021 2545 6702. If you don’t have your IBAN you can ask from your bank or you can generate from your banks website.

How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 7
  • Enter your Routing/ABA or Swift Number.

A “Routing/ABA Number” is a sequence of 9 digits used by banks to identify specific financial institutions within the United States. A Swift Number is 8 or 11 digit code that represents your bank branch. They are used when someone sending money internationally.

  • In the “Bank Account Country” enter the country name where your bank branch is located.
  • In the “Bank Address” enter the address of your bank branch.
  • In the “Branch Code” enter your bank’s branch code.
  • Click “Next”.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 8

Tax Information

  • In the “Tax ID” enter your Tax ID number. In Pakistan the Tax ID is your CNIC(Computerized National Identity Card) number. Write your CNIC number without hyphens(-).
  • VAT stands for Value Added Tax. If VAT is applicable in your country enter its percentage. If it is not applicable in your country or if your business is exempt from it, enter 0.
  • Click “Next”.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 9

About You

  • In the “Email address….” enter the email address that you use for your Daraz Buyer Account. If you haven’t created Daraz Buyer Account go to Daraz and sign-up. It is simple, quick and free.
  • In the “Account Type” choose whether you are an individual or a company.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 10
  • Enter your Full Name. If you are signing up as a company enter your Business Name.
  • Enter your Phone Number with country code like +92312984252342.
  • Enter your National Registration Number / Government Issued ID number*. It is a unique number through which a person is identified as a citizen of a country. In Pakistan it is called CNIC number.
  • In the “Complete Postal Address” enter the complete address of the place where you live like Street#, House#, City#, etc.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 11
  • Choose your region where you are living.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 12
  • Choose “Yes” to accept the Terms and Conditions of Daraz Affiliate Program.
  • Click “Next”.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 13
  • Click “Submit” to finish the Sign-Up form.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 14
  • Once your application for joining the Daraz affiliate program is evaluated you will be notified via your email. You can also contact them via the email address ““.
How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program 15

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