Fiverr: Best Affiliate Program | Complete Introduction To Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr is one of the largest marketplace for digital services. No matter who your target audience is, Fiverr offers services that fulfill needs of anyone. Millions of freelancers like designers, programmers, consultants, writers etc are part of Fiverr and over 3 million services are offered.

Fiverr also offers a very lucrative affiliate program to promote its gigs. Fiverr affiliate program is one of the best legitimate affiliate program, that pays high commissions to its affiliates. Anyone from any part of the world can join this affiliate program and promote Fiverr services to people/buyers/customers via different platforms like blogs, social media, podcasts etc. When customers/buyers purchase the services, affiliates earn commission.

In this post we will cover following topics:
  • How Fiverr Affiliate Program Works
  • What You Can Promote On Fiverr
  • Fiverr Commission Plans
  • How To Sign Up For Fiverr Affiliate Program
  • Minimum Threshold For Requesting Payments On Fiverr
  • How To Configure Payment Methods On Fiverr
  • How To Use Marketing Tools
  • How To Create Deep Links On Fiverr 
  • How To Get Fiver Affiliate Sign Up Link

Complete Introduction To Fiverr Affiliate Program | SignUp, Payment, Commissions, Marketing Tools

How Fiverr Affiliate Program Works

  • Fiverr affiliate program works in 3 steps:

Step 1: Join As An Affiliate

  • Fiverr affiliate is free affiliate program. Sign up, complete your profile, get access to marketing material.

Step 2: Promote Fiverr

  • Share your desired Fiverr services to your target audience via blog, social media etc. Fiverr offers services that are over more than 3 million.

Step 3: Get Paid

  • As the buyers purchases the services that you have promoted via your affiliate links or banners you will earn commissions depending on the category of service. 
  • Your affiliate link includes a 12-month tracking cookie. This means that if a user clicks on your affiliate link, then you will be credited with the referral, as long as the user registered to Fiverr within 12 months.

What You Can Promote On Fiverr

What you can promote on Fiverr

Fiverr Commission Plans

Fiverr offers 5 commission plans:
  • Fiverr CPA
  • Fiverr Hybrid
  • Fiverr Pro
  • Fiverr Learn
  • Fiverr AND CO
CPA stands for cost-per-action or acquisition. It means the amount that gets paid when a product or service is sale. For instance there is a cell phone that costs $700. Cell phone company sets its CPA $15. Whenever somebody makes a sale of that cell phone via his affiliate link he will earn $15.

1. Fiverr CPA

  • Fiver CPA has a dynamic commission rate from $15 to $50 depends on the type of service that you promote and first-time buyer purchases that service via your affiliate links. First-time buyer is the person who purchases a service for the first time. This link will direct your users to Fiverr's homepage.
Here are the commission rates for various Fiverr CPA categories:

$50 CPA Categories

  • Whiteboard & Animated Explainers (Video & Animation)
  • Book & eBook Writing - NEW! (Writing & Translation)
  • Architecture & Interior Design - NEW! (Graphics & Design)​
  • Game Development (Programming & Tech)

 $40 CPA Categories

  • Website Builders & CMS (Programming & Tech)
  • Mobile Apps & Web (Programming & Tech)
  • WordPress (Programming & Tech)
  • Web & Mobile Design (Graphics & Design)
  • E-Commerce Development (Programming & Tech)

$30 CPA Categories

  • Web Programming - NEW! (Programming & Tech)
  • SEM - NEW! (Digital Marketing)
  • Website Content - NEW! (Writing & Translation)
  • Proofreading & Editing - NEW! (Writing & Translation)
  • 3D Models & Product Design (Graphics & Design)
  • Packaging Design - NEW! (Graphics & Design)
  • Business Plans - NEW! (Business)
  • Data Analysis & Reports (Programming & Tech)
  • Short Video Ads - NEW! (Video & Animation)

$15 CPA

  • All Other Categories other than above.

2. Fiverr Hybrid

  • Fiverr Hybrid has a fixed commission rate of $15 + 10% of revenue share. You get your fixed commission when first-time buyer purchases services via your affiliate links. This link will direct your users to Fiverr's homepage.
  • The difference between Fiverr CPA and Hybrid CPA is that in Fiverr Hybrid you get fixed commissions + 10% revenue share no matter what services you promote whereas in Fiverr CPA your commissions vary for type of services that you promote like some services have high CPA whereas some services have low CPA from $15 to $50.

3. Fiverr Pro

  • Fiverr Pro has the highest commission rate of $150 CPA because buyers can work with verified, exceptional talent, hand-vetted for top quality and services. You can create links for Fiverr Pro services using deep links.

4. Fiverr Learn

  • Fiverr Learn is an educational platform that offers practical skills to business and freelancers. You can earn 30% commission for every sale of a Fiverr Learn course.


  • AND CO is an app to run freelance business or studio. You can earn 30% commission for sale of every AND CO Pro plan.

How To Sign Up For Fiverr Affiliate Program

How To Sign Up For Fiverr Affiliate Program

  • Choose Account Type. There are two options Private & Company.
  • Enter your First Name & Last Name.
  • Enter your Email Address.
  • Enter Username.
  • Enter Password.
  • Choose your Country.
  • Enter your Phone Number.
  • Click Next.

How To Sign Up For Fiverr Affiliate Program

  • Tick all those options that you will use to promote Fiverr.
  • Tick all the options about your audience interests.
  • Tick "I agree to the Terms and Conditions."
  • Tick "I agree to the Privacy Policy."
  • Click Register Now.

How To Sign Up For Fiverr Affiliate Program

  • Click Start Doing.

How To Sign Up For Fiverr Affiliate Program

Minimum Threshold For Requesting Payments

  • Minimum threshold for requesting your payments on Fiverr is $100. Once your earnings reach $100 you can request at the beginning of following month like if your earnings reach $100 in January you can request them at the beginning of February. 
  • You will see a Request Payment button once you earnings reach threshold of $100.
Fiverr Payment Threshold
Fiverr Payment Threshold

How To Configure Payment Methods On Fiverr

Fiverr affiliates are paid via three payments methods: Wire/ACH Transfer, PayPal and Payoneer. It means that anyone from any part of the world can become affiliate with Fiverr.

  • Go to Account Details.
  • Click Payments Details
  • Click Edit.

How to configure Payment methods on Fiverr

There are three payments options:
  • Wire/ACH Transfer 
  • PayPal 
  • Payoneer

1. Configure Wire/ACH Transfer

Both Wire and ACH transfer are used to transfer funds from one account to another. Wire transfers are done directly between a sending and receiving account, while ACH transfers use the automated clearinghouse as an intermediary. A clearinghouse is the central place where all key information is gathered, kept and distributed for a company.

  • Choose Wire/ACH Transfer as your Payment Method.
  • Choose Account Type: private or company. It is your bank account type.
  • Account Beneficiary is the Title of your bank account.  
  • Account Number is your bank account number.
  • Enter your Bank Name.
  • Enter your Bank Branch.
  • Enter your Bank Country, where your bank is located.
  • Enter your Bank City.
  • Enter the Swift Code of your bank. It's used to identify banks and financial institutions globally.
  • Enter your IBAN(If you are from Europe). IBAN is your International Bank Account Number. It is used for international transactions. It is your bank account number, only the difference is that some letters are added to your account number. For example this is a Pakistani bank account number 0995 1463 3662 2134, the IBAN will be like PK69 MUCB 0995 1463 3662 2134. You can request your bank to provide you the IBAN or you can create online by yourself by visiting your bank's website. 
  • Enter ABA number (For US only). An ABA number is also called as a bank routing number. ABA is a nine-digit code that identifies banks in the U.S.
  • Click SAVE.

Configure ACH/Wire Transfer On Fiverr

2. Configure PayPal

  • Choose PayPal as your Payment method.
  • Choose Account Type: Company or Private. It is your PayPal "account type".
  • Enter your PayPal Email.
  • Click SAVE.

How to configure PayPal on Fiverr

3. Configure Payoneer

  • If you don't have a Payoneer account, learn how to create Payoneer account.
  • Choose Payoneer as your Payment Method.
  • Choose your Account Type: Company or Private. It is your Payoneer "account type".
  • Payoneer ID is the Customer ID on your Payoneer Account.
  • Payoneer Username is your Payoneer Email ID.
  • Click SAVE.

How to configure Payoneer on Fiverr affiliate

How To Use Marketing Tools On Fiverr

Marketing Tools on Fiverr provides you banners, affiliate links and deep links for different Fiverr services.

  • Click Marketing Tools. 
  • Click All marketing Tools.
  • Use the filtering options to find your best creatives.
  • Once you choose a filter or filters click SHOW CREATIVES button.
  • To remove filters click Clear Filters.
  • To get the affiliate link of a service copy CLICK URL.
  • If you want to get the HTML code of a banner click GET HTML CODE. 

How To Use Marketing Tools On Fiverr

How To Create Deep Links On Fiverr

A deep link is a link to a specific page of a website. Fiverr Affiliate Program provides you the option to create deep links for any page or service.

  • Click Marketing Tools.
  • Click Default & Deep Links.
  • By default Fiverr Affiliate Program provides you the deep links of four main brands.

How to create deep links on Fiverr

  • To create a deep link click LP URL.
  • Paste the URL of a page for which you want to create a deep link.
  • Here we have pasted the URL of Fiver Pro page.
  • Once you paste the URL, click on empty space like we have shown "Click in this Space". Don't click on Tick or Cross.

How to create Deep link on Fiverr

  • You can see that URL has been added with all the four brands.
  • You can choose either Fiverr CPA or Fiverr Hybrid.
  • Though all of the four links will be redirected to your URL, but copy the link from the relevant brand. Like if you create a deep link for a course then copy the link from Fiverr Learn.

How to create deep links on Fiverr

  • Once you copy your deep link you can remove by clicking the cross symbol or if you click some other menu item it will be automatically removed.

How to create deep links on fiverr

How To Get Fiverr Affiliate Signup Link

You can earn 10% commission if a visitor joins Fiverr Affiliate Program via your sub affiliate link. Fiverr has mentioned only 10%, but has never mentioned the amount. To get your sub affiliate link follow the steps:

  • Click Sub Affiliates.
  • Click Sub Affiliate Links.
  • Copy your link and invite people to join Fiverr affiliate program.

How to get Fiverr Sign Up affiliate link

  • We have tried to cover up the topics in the easiest way. If you like this post don't forget to share with other people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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