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Best Responsive Tumblr Themes For Writers [2022]


Best Responsive Tumblr Themes For Writers [2022]

Best Responsive Tumblr Themes For Writers featured
(Last Updated On: December 9, 2022)

Are you looking for responsive Tumblr themes for writers, storytellers, creatives or journalists? You’re in the right place.

We have handpicked one of the best, clean, aesthetic, reader-friendly, and responsive Tumblr themes for all types of writers.

All of these Tumblr themes are designed in a way that they are built with all those features which are required for modern day writers.


01. Rainbow

Best Responsive Tumblr Themes For Writers Rainbow

Rainbow is a beautifully-designed, feature-rich, and responsive gradient metro-style Tumblr theme. Its homepage is covered with large thumbnails having post titles and category (tag) names on top of them. Each thumbnail is linked to a post.

The top section of the theme contains a large Slider and Hamburger icon. The Slider displays the recent posts whereas the Hamburger icon expands the Sidebar which contains Social Media Icons, Search Bar, Navigation Menu and Tags.

The Item Page (Post Page) is also cleanly designed. It takes the maximum width of a device. You can Like, Reblog, and Embed posts. There are social media sharing icons at the bottom of page for sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Item Page also supports some advanced features like Mail/Newsletter Subscribe powered by Mailchimp, You Might Also Like widget, and Disqus Comments System.

Cons: Though it is a feature-rich theme, but its PageSpeed of Homepage and Item Page on mobile devices is low. It needs to be improved

Other features include:

02. StoneWall

Best Responsive Tumblr Themes For Writers - StoneWall

StoneWall is a very unique, clean, innovative, customizable, fast, and content-focused responsive Tumblr theme for storytellers, writers, and journalists.

For desktop devices the theme has a 2 column layout. The sticky left-side contains the cover photo of the post whereas the right-side contains the content of the post. As the content of one post ends the cover photo and the content of other post appears.

Readers can enjoy your writings and stories in a very simple way because there are no external annoying elements.

There is an advanced off-canvas sticky sidebar with black background at left side that appears only when you click the hamburger icon. The sticky-sidebar contains Dates and Linked-titles of your posts. The linked-titles are highlighted when you reach to their corresponding posts.

Though StoneWall supports all type of Tumblr post, but it is more suitable for Text posts because of their long length.

Other features include:

  • SEO-Ready, Supports Google Analytics
  • Supports Disqus Comments System, Google Fonts
  • Compatible with all Modern Browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc
  • Supports 60+ Options, HTML5, CSS3

03. Admiral

Best Responsive Tumblr Themes For Writers - admiral

Admiral is an aesthetic masonry style grid-layout responsive Tumblr theme for writers. The Load More Post at the bottom of Homepage allows readers to expand older posts.

The theme offers an advanced off-canvas Sidebar with multi-level menus, that expands when you click the hamburger icon. It contains Home link, Search button, Filter by Post Types (Text, Photo, Video, Chat, etc), Archive, RSS Feed, Ask, Submit a Post, Text widget, Twitter Feed, Instagram Feed, and Flickr Feed.

The Item Page is clean, content-focused, supported with Like, Reblog, Embed, Social Media sharing icons, Note Count, Pagination, and Disqus Comments System. Images on the Item Page open on a light box.

Cons: The PageSpeed of homepage and item page on mobile device is low, and PageSpeed on desktop devices is average. It has not been mentioned whether the theme supports Google Analytics or not.

Other features include:

  • Supports all types of Tumblr Posts i.e Text, Photo, Audio, Video, Chat, etc.
  • Integrated with Google Fonts, Retina Ready, and more…

04. Penoolis

Best Responsive Tumblr Themes For Writers - Penoolis

Penoolis is a simple, clean, spacious, content-focused responsive Tumblr theme with traditional layout.

The homepage contains a large header section with picture in background and logo on top of it. There is a simple menu having a pink hover effect. The Menu is followed by blog posts organized in a traditional style.

Its Item Page is very simple without external elements, provides a nice experience to readers. It supports Reblog, Like, Comments Count, and Disqus Comments System.

Cons: Social Media sharing icons are missing on both Homepage and Item Page, which is a bit strange thing. The PageSpeed of homepage on mobile devices is low.

Other features include:

  • Supports all types of Tumblr Posts, Google Analytics
  • Submit a Post, Contact (Ask), and more…


Above were some of the best content-focused responsive Tumblr themes for writers, creatives, storytellers, and journalists. We hope that you would have liked them. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with other people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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