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Best websites to buy premium and free tumblr themes

Do you want to buy a premium Tumblr theme or searching to download/install a free Tumblr theme? You’re in the right place.

I have handpicked 30+ websites from where you can purchase premium mobile-friendly responsive Tumblr themes of your choice. In addition to premium themes, most of them offer free Tumblr themes that you can install.

The themes are carefully developed & designed by considering the styles, layouts, and features which are required for modern day Tumblr blogs and websites. The features include:

  • Support All Tumblr Post Types, Custom Colors, Responsive, Easily-Customizable
  • Custom Images, Disqus Commenting System, Google Analytics, High Resolution
  • Retina-Ready, Localization, Search, Tags, and many more.

You can find themes of all types such as Aesthetic, Cute, Grid-based, Minimal, Portfolio, Agency, Photography, Music, Video, Storytelling, Writer, Single Column, Two Column, Three-Column, Masonry Style, Weddings, Resume, Fashion, Travel, Artist, Social Media, Magazine, Visual Mood Board with Horizontal Scrolling, and many more…


01. Touchloft Themes

Gridly Touchloft Photography Tumblr theme

Touchloft Themes creates aesthetic Tumblr themes for photography blogs, and photo bloggers. Some of the themes are also made for regular blogging. Themes include single column style, minimalistic, grid-based, and two column style.

  • No of Themes: 15 Premium, 1 Free
  • Price: $19 USD
  • Buy / Preview: Touchloft Themes

02. Artistic Influence

EN Vogue Artistic Influence Tumblr theme

Artistic Influence contains a large collection of aesthetically beautiful and stunning modern-day Tumblr themes with unique hover interactions, scrolling animations, custom light-boxes for photos, high-resolution support for images, support for every single post type and built-in responsiveness for desktop, mobile and tablet screens.

The themes include magazine, traditional yet modern, feature rich multi-purpose, personal blog, modern masonry grid style blog, elegant and classy, powerful multi-column, photograph portfolio, two column, digital magazine portfolio, modern day visionary, image focused, content focused, music, visual centric, AI themes, video header, and many more..

03. Themeforest

Memorabilia Tumblr Themes on Themeforest

Themeforest is the largest theme marketplace where you can find hundreds of thousands of themes for all blogging platforms.

The Tumblr themes include gallery, portfolio, agency, masonry style, magazine, one page, photography, business, eCommerce, personal, travel, content focused, multi-column, grid-based, clean and simple, one column, minimal, resume, food, and classic.

04. Stash Themes

Stash Tumblr Themes to buy

Stash Themes primarily creates Tumblr themes which are great for presenting visual content such as images and videos. They are perfect for portfolios and visual mood boards.

The themes include photography, video, audio, full-width photo gallery, visual portfolio, 2 column, photo-centric with a staggered scroll system, magazine-style, visual artists, 3 column, story telling, mobile style, minimal canvas built for visual artists, horizontal visual mood board, split screen, and many more..

05. MML Studio

MML Studio Tumblr themes for  content focused blogs with huge sidebars, large headers, and big posts.

Most of the Tumblr themes created by MML Studio are content focused with huge sidebars, large headers, and big posts. If you’re a musician, artist, or a video blogger, there is an aesthetically-designed gorgeous theme Viddy.

The themes include grid layout for photo bloggers, two column minimal, creative artists, minimal portfolio grid theme, showcase photography, magazine, personal, minimalist single-column, writers, showcase stories, and news.

06. Themelantic Tumblr Themes

Themelantic Noah Tumblr Theme

Themelantic offers a variety of incredibly designed powerful Tumblr themes for portfolio and other categories.

The themes include visual & image-focused, content focused, writer, author, wedding, large sidebar with big posts, photographer with a slideshow header, beautifully styled posts, pixel-perfect, stylish portfolio for photographs, illustrations, or design work. Grid-based built for content-heavy blogs and portfolios. Personal CV/resume, retro-inspired, travel diary/blog, lifestyle, fashion blog, travelers, explorers, adventurers, food & drink, health & fitness, and agency.

07. Pixel Revel

Pixel Revel Novelist Tumblr Themes for writers & authors with beautiful typography

Pixel Revel primarily focuses on creating Tumblr themes for writers & authors with beautiful typography and support for high-resolution photos. No matter what you write about, Pixel Revel themes will make it nice and easy to read.

Other themes include photographer, designer, grid based, magazine style, retina ready, grid based 4-column, infinite scrolling, and random generated grid layout.

08. Askfuse Tumblr Themes

Askfuse Alchemist Tumblr Theme for photo gallery showcasing blogs and image heavy blogs.

Askfuse creates aesthetic Tumblr themes for photo gallery showcasing blogs and image heavy blogs.

The themes include split layout, visual mood board with horizontal scrolling, traditional blog style, storytelling, photography, mosaic style full screen grid layout, travel bloggers, magazines, and visual storytelling.

09. Cubthemes

Cubthemes Tumblr themes for writers, photographers, illustrators, fan blogs, image lovers, adventurers, animated gallery blog, latest news

Cubthemes mainly creates multi-purpose personal blog Tumblr themes, for people who are looking to showcase their content, that’s writers, photographers, illustrators, fan blogs, image lovers, adventurers, animated gallery blog, latest news, etc.

There is also a very special and modular Tumblr theme “Ultimate Pro” that offers 3+ homepages. It has over 300 theme options, and 800+ different settings.

10. Storyware Tumblr Themes

Storyware Candor Tumblr theme fro content focused blogs

Storyware Tumblr themes are uniquely designed themes to bring your content to the forefront, whether it’s high-res images or text-heavy blog posts. Most of their themes support Sticky Posts and Featured Posts.

11. Ultralinxthemes

Ultralinxthemes minimalist Tumblr themes fro all type of blogs

Ultralinxthemes are designed to fit any type of blog, but perfect for photo posts and photo bloggers. Their themes are divided in three main categories i.e. traditional layouts, masonry style, and compact.

Some of these Tumblr themes have wide layout perfect for long-form content, different width options, and huge header backgrounds.

12. Creativepixel360 Tumblr Themes

Koken Creativepixel360's Tumblr theme fro portfolio blogs

Creativepixel360 creates flat, grid-based, easily-customizable, clean and minimalistic style Tumblr themes which are suitable for personal portfolio, designer portfolio, illustrator portfolio, creative agency, photographer portfolio, and writers.

They are supported with Load More on scroll, Load More on click, and standard Next Previous buttons pagination.

13. Brandlines Tumblr Themes

Brandlines Fashion Tumblr Themes

Brandlines creates simple fashion Tumblr themes. The themes are supported by social networking links, Google Web Fonts, Disqus Commenting System, background cover photo, and some more features.

14. Tinker-Themes

Tinker-Themes for content focused Tumblr blogs

Tinker-Themes create clean design, classy, simple, smooth, and content-focused Tumblr themes for writers, and all those who want their blog to be about their content.

15. Precrafted Tumblr Themes

Precrafted Tumblr Themes for image-focused blogs and highly visual blogs

Precrafted creates minimal, super-customizable, grid, super-size, and customizable Tumblr themes for all kinds of blogs, particularly ideal for image-focused blogs and highly visual blogs. Some of the themes are also powered by a stylish header-slideshow.

16. Jonathanmoore Tumblr Themes

Jonathanmoore Tumblr Themes for visual posts and text posts blogs

Jonathanmoore creates one of the most sophisticated, grid-based, unique, beautiful, and finest Tumblr themes for people who want mixture of visual posts and text posts on their blogs, particularly ideal for curating inspiration, sharing your creations, and documenting life.

Its themes support virtually every Tumblr feature. They have built in support for group blogs, lots of appearance options, extended customization options, post viewer, high-resolution layouts, infinite scrolling, and many more.

17. Lootvalley Tumblr Themes

Lootvalley Tumblr Themes for content focused and food blogs

Lootvalley creates simple grid-based, single column, retina-ready, easily customizable, and minimal interface content-focused Tumblr themes. They are perfect for sharing your stories, and showcasing food recipes.

You can also connect your Pinterest account to Tumblr. This allows you to create a gallery of your Pinterest Pins to encourage visitors to share your content.

18. Safe As Milk Co Tumblr Themes

Safe As Milk Co Tumblr themes good for Text, Photo, Graphic, Art and Portfolio style blogs

Safe As Milk Co creates simple Tumblr themes with widescreen impressive designs, expertly chosen fonts and layout options, cinematic feel, and huge header area with a grid layout.

The themes are good for Text, Photo, Graphic, Art and Portfolio style Tumblr blogs.

19. Foundcas Tumblr Themes

Foundcas free Tumblr Themes for the content-focused, creative, and funny blogs.

Foundcas creates simple, grid layout, single column, minimalist Tumblr themes suitable for the content-focused, creative, and funny blogs.

20. Morenheit Tumblr Themes

Morenheit  Tumblr Themes for photo posts, text posts, and classic looking tumblr blogs

Morenheit creates simple grid layout, single column with sidebar, and minimal Tumblr themes with Infinite scrolling support.

The themes are suitable for photo posts, text posts, and classic looking tumblr blogs.

21. Gonzolicious Tumblr Themes

Gonzolicious premium Tumblr theme for personal blogs

Gonzolicious offers only a single premium Tumblr theme. In future, it may offer more themes.

The Gonzolicious is a powerful, feature-rich, fully-customizable, minimal, content-focused, and stunning Tumblr theme for personal blogs. It supports all the post types of Tumblr.

22. STJN Tumblr Themes

STJN cheap Tumblr themes for content focused and photo-focused blogs

STJN creates cheap Tumblr themes for content focused and photo-focused blogs. The themes are designed to make sure your content stands out.

They are ideal for someone who wants to showcase photos with some textual content. You can find classical as well as portfolio style Tumblr themes, supported with parallax and endless scrolling.

23. Rajtoral Tumblr Themes

Gonzogridly Rajtoral Tumblr theme suitable for videographers, graphic designers, web designers, and photographers.

Rajtoral offers only two premium fully-customizable and retina-ready Tumblr themes (1) Gonzogridly (2) Gonzopress(ious).

Gonzogridly is a grid based Tumblr theme suitable for videographers, graphic designers, web designers, and photographers.

Gonzopress(ious) is a super clean, elegant, and a single-column classy Tumblr theme with a beautiful large headers and huge posts, perfect for content-focused blogs.

24. Neverbland Themes

Neverbland minimalistic design writing, music & bands, and portfolio Tumblr themes

Neverbland offers minimalistic design writing, music & bands, and portfolio Tumblr themes. The Write is a purely minimalistic content-focused Tumblr theme designed to avoid distractions from reading.

The Bands theme also allows you to add Soundcloud URL to the sidebar, and add tracks from Bandcamp.

The Portfolio is a complete theme to cover all aspects of a portfolio website such as showcasing your work, profile details, social media connection (Dribbble, Instagram, Twitter), and contact details.

25. Annstreetstudio-blog Tumblr Themes

Annstreetstudio-blog Tumblr themes for personal fancy blogs

Annstreetstudio-blog offers only two premium themes (1) Southern Afternoon (2) Paris Nights.

Both of them are extremely gorgeous and aesthetic Tumblr themes designed inside beautifully-decorated frames. They are suitable for personal fancy blogs.

26. Oboxdesign Tumblr Themes

Oboxdesign minimalistic content-focused premium Tumblr themes for personal blogs.

Oboxdesign creates simple and minimalistic content-focused premium Tumblr themes for personal blogs.

27. 45royale-themes

45royal-themes, content and text-focused modern Tumblr themes perfect for personal blogs.

45royal-themes creates clean, simple, minimalistic, content and text-focused modern Tumblr themes, perfect for personal blogs.

  • No of Themes: 5 Premium, No Free Theme
  • Price: $19 – $49
  • Price / Preview: 45royal-themes

28. Sneak Tumblr Themes

Sneak's Tumblr theme Scaffold, a simple and minimal cheap Tumblr theme for personal blogs

Sneak offers simple and minimal cheap Tumblr theme Scaffold with a fixed sidebar, ideal for personal blogs.

29. Fukuo Tumblr Themes

Fukuo cheap Tumblr themes ideal for personal blogs

Fukuo creates aesthetically beautiful and gorgeous cheap Tumblr themes with multiple layout support such as list, grid, and masonry. They are perfect for personal blogs.

30. Bestcorp Tumblr Themes

Bestcorp Spectator Tumblr theme perfect for showcasing your work

Bestcorp offers an extremely beautiful, fully-customizable portfolio Tumblr theme Spectator perfect for showcasing your work, content and photos. You can display your posts on a square grid as well as or in a flexible masonry layout.

31. Petervidani Tumblr Themes

Petervidani Tumblr themes for personal blogs

Petervidani creates simple one-column and three-column Tumblr themes suitable for those personal blogs which share textual posts, photos, quotes, and links.

Though Petervidani offers 13 free Tumblr themes, most by any website in the list, but they might need lot of fixes and customization.

32. Zachklein Tumblr Themes

Zachklein Slides Tumblr themes fro displaying big photos ideal for travel bloggers

Zachklein offers a premium wide-layout Tumblr theme Slides for displaying big photos with textual content. In addition to big photos you can also display videos and other Tumblr post types. It is perfect for travel bloggers to share their stories and HD photos.

33. Matthew Buchanan Tumblr Themes

Mathew Buchanan Solaris Tumblr theme for typography-focused personal blogs

Mathew Buchanan creates beautiful, minimal, single-column, two-column, typography-focused, and text-focused cheap Tumblr themes for personal blogs.

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the top websites on which you can buy and install/download all types of premium and free responsive Tumblr themes. I hope that you would have found your desired theme. Share in your comments, which Tumblr theme inspired you the most.

If you like this post then don’t forget to share with other people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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