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Best Affiliate Program In Pakistan 2022 | 30% Commission Per Sale


Best Affiliate Program In Pakistan 2022 | 30% Commission Per Sale

Best Affiliate Program In Pakistan
(Last Updated On: June 2, 2022)

Are you looking for an affiliate program in Pakistan which pays high commissions to its affiliates? You are in the right place. Inspedium Affiliate Program offers 30% commission per sale.

Inspedium is one of the leading web hosting companies in Pakistan operating since 1998. Like other web hosting companies Inspedium also offers a lucrative affiliate program to make money online from Pakistan.

The Inspedium affiliate program is powered by a third-party affiliate tracking network “iDevAffiliate”. Everything is monitored and tracked by it, so there is no question on whether the Inspedium affiliate program is legitimate or not. We have shown the payment proof at bottom of the page.

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In this post we will cover following topics:
  • How to sign-up for Inspedium Affiliate Program
  • How Inspedium Commission Structure Works
  • How To Start Making Money On Inspedium
  • Inspedium Payment Proof


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Sign Up For Affiliate Program

  • Go to Inspedium’s Affiliate Program page. You will get 1000 Pkr bonus for sign-up.
Best Affiliate Program In Pakistan 2020 | 30% Commission Per Sale | Payment Proof
  • You will be redirected to sign-up form.
  • Enter your information. It is pretty simple to fill this information.
  • Choose your payment method which is more convenient to you. It offers 5 payment methods which are available in Pakistan like Direct Transfer, easypaisa, UBL Omni, Jazz Cash.
  • Tick the agreements terms and conditions after carefully reading.
Best Affiliate Partner Program In Pakistan 2020


Commissions Structure

Commission will be payed based on the below structure:


Commission Rates:

  1. 30% of the sale amount for each sale.
  2. 10% of the sale amount for each sale made by an affiliate referred by you. It means that if someone signs-up for Inspedium Affiliate Program from your referral link he comes under you in a hierarchy. Whenever he produces sales you will also get 10% commission from that amount.
  3. 1% of the sale amount for each sale made by a referred affiliate from the 3rd and 10th levels under you. It means someone sign-up for Inspedium affiliate program from your referral link and someone else sign-up for Inspedium affiliate program from that person’s link who signed-up from your referral link and produces sale, you will still get 1% commission from that amount. Both will come under you in a hierarchy. It works in tier system like tier1, tier2, tier3. Some people will be in tier1, some will be in tier2 and it will go in a sequence. You will become the top tier for anyone who joins affiliate program through your special tier referral link.



If you make 2 sales of Rs. 49,000 each, you will earn (Rs. 49,000 x 30/100) x 2 = Rs. 29,400. Sales mean if a visitor buys a web hosting plan from your referral link.

If an affiliate referred by you makes 2 sales of Rs. 49,000 each, they will make Rs. 29,400 and you will make (Rs. 49,000 x 10/100) x 2 = Rs. 9,800

  • Go to your affiliate dashboard.
  • Click General Statistics.
  • Click Tier Statistics.
  • All those people will be listed who have signed-up from your referral links or signed-up from those persons referral links who earlier signed-up from your referral links.
Best Affiliate Partner Program In Pakistan 2020
  •  Click Commissions.
  •  Click Current Tier Commissions to see how much you have earned commissions (10 or 1%) from their sales.
Best Affiliate Partner Program In Pakistan 2020


How To Start Making Money On Inspedium?

When someone will click your referral links and buys web hosting plan or domain, you will earn commission from that. It is best if you have a blog or website, if not you can also share Inspedium referral links and banners via many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc.

  • Go to dashboard.
  • Click Marketing Material.
  • You can get lot of resources to share like Inspedium banners, Inspedium text links, Inspedium coupons etc.
Best Affiliate Partner Program In Pakistan 2020
  • Choose Marketing Group.
  • Click Display Banners. It will display all banners.
Best Affiliate Partner Program In Pakistan 2020
  • To share Inspedium text links click Marketing Materials.
  • Click Text Links.
how we share inspedium link
  • Choose a Marketing Group.
  • Click Display Text Links.
how we share inspedium link
  • It will list you lot of links related to your chosen Marketing Group. For instance if you have chosen Generic Web Hosting it will list your affiliate links for marketing General Web Hosting. You can choose anyone.
  • I have highlighted the URL. For instance this is one of my Inspedium affiliate URL for General Web Hosting: The number 43981-6-3-1 in the URL is uniquely identifying me. It is used to track my affiliate links.
how we share inspedium link


Payment Proof

Minimum payment threshold is Rs. 5000 Pkr. Once your earnings will reach 5000 Pkr it will be delivered to you via your chosen payment method. Payments are sent once in a month. Below you can see that there is a commission of 11 sales and amount is only Rs. 6242.56 Pkr, because this affiliate has only managed to sale 11 domains not web hosting plans.

You earn approximately Rs. 651 Pkr for selling one “.com”, “.org” or “.net” domain, which costs approximately Rs. 2, 150 Pkr. So, Rs. 651 Pkr is 30% commission of Rs. 2, 170 Pkr. You earn higher commission when you sale web hosting plans as compare to only domains.

  • Click Payment History to see your payments history.
  • Click Invoice to see the details.
  • If your earnings are less than 5,000 Pkr you see a message No Payment History Exists.
Inspedium Payment Proof


Now it is up to you that how much you earn from this amazing affiliate program. Find more affiliate programs Here. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with other people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.




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