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How To Pass The Online Transcription Test | REV, Transcribe Me, GoTranscript..

How To Pass The Online Transcription Test

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How To Pass The Online Transcription Test | REV, Transcribe Me, GoTranscript..

There are lot of people who want to work from home. Transcription is a type of  a job that can be done from home. There are so many online companies that offer transcription jobs and hire people from all over the world. To join these companies you have to clear their MCQs & Audio Test.

One can easily clear the MCQs test by carefully reading the transcription guidelines, but the audio test is not easy to pass. We will give you some techniques & guidelines to clear the audio test. These tips and guidelines will help you to pass the audio transcription test of any company like Rev, GoTranscript, TranscribeMe etc.


In this post we will cover following topics:

  • 5 Important Things For Transcribers
  • How To Clear The Online Audio Test
  • Important Transcription Rules/Tips (Important)  


5 Important Things For Transcribers

  • Below are the five important things that you can’t ignore if you are serious about transcription. The purpose of audio test is to test your transcription skills and eligibility whether you are actually fit for transcription or not.


1. Quality Headphones & Audio Enhancer

  • For a flawless transcription you need good quality noise reduction headphones. There are headphones which are specifically made for transcription.
  • A good quality enhancer will help you to improve the quality of audio.
  • Download the FX Sound Enhancer: Download.


2. Good at Googling

  • You should be good & fast at googling because when you will transcribe an audio, you have to google things again and again.


3. Good Sleep

  • Make sure that you should complete your sleep. Otherwise it would be so hard for you to do transcription.


4. Good Understanding Of Punctuation

  • It is very important to fully understand the structure of a sentences like you should be able to differentiate between Depended Clause & Independent Clause, so that you would be able to put Comma(,) & Full-stop(.) correctly. Comma & Full Stop are the most important punctuation used in transcription.


5. Good Typing Speed

  • As you will start transcription, gradually your transcription speed will increase. You can practice on Typing Tutor as well. If you want to earn good money, you should have a good typing speed.


Transcription Skills - Learn Beginning to Advanced Skills Master the Skills Needed to Professionally Transcribe Any Audio File Accurately and in Less Time


How To Clear The Audio Test

I will suggest you three ways:

  • YouTube
  • Speech to Text
  • Try Yourself


1. YouTube

  • Download the test audio on your computer.
  • Use your movie maker software to create a video from that audio.
  • You can use an image instead of a video and put the test audio in background.
  • Increase the image duration up to the length of audio.

How To Pass The Online Transcription Test? | REV, Transcribe Me, GoTranscript Etc | Earn Online From Home

  • Once the video is created, upload on your YouTube Channel & enable the auto-captions/subtitles.
  • Learn How to enable the auto-captions & download the transcription on YouTube
  • After uploading the video wait for 15 to 20 minutes at least.
  • Though YouTube has 95% accuracy, but it doesn’t generate auto-captions always because of the poor audio quality.
  • Don’t paste the YouTube generated transcription as it is, review it, find the mistakes, put the right punctuation, identify the speakers etc.
  • Follow the transcription guidelines of that company.


2. Speech to Text

  • Go to Speech to Text.
  • Uncheck the Detect Multiple Speakers.
  • Click the Upload Audio File.
  • Copy & Paste the Transcription.
How To Pass The Online Transcription Test? | REV, Transcribe Me, GoTranscript Etc | Earn Online From Home
  • If the audio quality is good it generates accurate transcription, but if audio quality is poor, it makes lot of mistakes. Its accuracy rate is not as good as YouTube.


3. Try Yourself

  • You will find so many words that software won’t transcribe, so what you will do? Simple try yourself, but how? Slow down the speed, and repeat the word again and again, at least 5 or 10 times. If you are unable to judge, take a small break, listen to that word again, it will be judged. This is how things work in transcription.


Some Important Rules/Tips

Before you go through these rules and guidelines we will tell you why these are important to use and understand. At times you get very good quality and simple audio test, but you are rejected again and again, do you know why? Because of the rules or punctuation that you miss or put wrong.

You must note that the test is going to be in Clean Verbatim. In a Clean Verbatim, we omit so many words like so, but, you know, sort of, I mean etc. You must follow the Transcription Guidelines of company. You would not find the rules or guidelines which I’ve listed below in company’s Guidelines.

Some times it is hard to judge, whether we should omit words or not, or whether we should put punctuation or not. I am sharing my experience, but remember these are not hard and fast rules, but normally they are followed. You will get lot of benefit.

  • In most cases omit “you know”, “sort of”, “I mean”. But sometimes they make sense, so don’t omit in that case.
  • Only transcribe “yes” if it’s answering a given question otherwise you don’t need to write “yes”.
  • Only transcribe “okay” where it’s answering a direct question or it’s accompanied by additional info.
  • Don’t use dashes for “to” (40-50, should be written, 40 to 50).
  • If somebody asking question and interrupted put — [crosstalk]
  • Hundred thousand dollars =>  $100,000.
  • Don’t put comma after “but”.
  • Don’t put comma before “when”
  • Tell me. How  => Tell me, how
  • Well, if  => If
  • Don’t put comma after “probably” in most cases.
  • Use of hyphen for words like, government-owned, technology-oriented, top-line, bottom-line, decision-making.
  • Our lives, but yes => Our lives. Yes,
  • Full Stop before “Even” in most cases.
  • Comma before “But”.
  • Five minute miles => Five-minute miles.
  • Two year old => Two-year-old.
  • We figured, they stay => We figured they stay.
  • Comma before and after “to be honest” => , to be honest,
  • Okayish => Okay-ish
  • Don’t put comma after “I think” in most cases. Put Comma if there is a break.
  • Try Not to start a sentence with “But”. Most cases omit it
  • So, in terms of => In terms of
  • [music] comes in next line
  • Five ten records => 5-10 records
  • [silence] tag is for all parties being quiet for more than 10 seconds,
  • [pause] is for one speaker pausing for 10 seconds or more before they continue talking.
  • [background conversation] when people speak in background.
  • section 123 => Section 123
  • Buffini and company dot com =>
  • Now a days => nowadays
  • Till 2014-2015-2016 => Till 2014, ’15, ’16,
  • But even => even (remove the “but” before “even”)
  • and then => then (remove the “and” before “then” in most cases)
  • Comma after obviously => obviously,
  • business oriented => business-oriented
  • contribution driven => contribution-driven
  • of course => , of course, (comma before and after)
  • for example => , for example, (comma before and after)
  • actually => , actually, (comma before and after)
  • et cetera => , et cetera, (comma before and after)
  • Intel slash Mcafee => Intel/Mcafee
  • 10 page document => 10-page document
  • long term => long-term
  • opt outs => opt-outs
  • chicken-and-egg => chicken and egg
  • whether => , whether (comma before whether)
  • eventually => , eventually, (Comma before and after eventually)
  • 75 year old => 75-year-old
  • Note the difference between a hundred and fifty (spelled out) and one hundred and fifty (digits) => It shouldn’t be written as 150.
  • 18 year old= > 18-year-old
  • [sound cut] when sound is missing.
  • 24 second video => 24-second video
  • Three and a half => Three-and-a-half
  • Part time => Part-time
  • International Federation, but other than that => International Federation. Other than that.
  • World record setting goals => world record-setting goals.


Hope these rules will help you a lot.

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  1. Rishab Patel

    December 8, 2019 at 1:59 pm

    Thank you so much for your guidance. I was struggling to pass the online transcription tests, but after your tips & guidelines I have cleared.

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