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How To Make Your Video Appear In Top 10 On YouTube

How To Make Your Video Appear In Top 10 On YouTube

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How To Make Your Video Appear In Top 10 On YouTube

Do you want your YouTube videos to appear in the top 10 YouTube search results? You’re in the right place. We will share seven important tips to improve your YouTube channel and video rankings.

There are so many people who create YouTube channels to become popular & earn money. They spend lot of time in creating videos, but after few days when they realize that their videos don’t come in top search results & not getting enough views, they get demotivated and most of them give up.

But there are people whose videos always come in top search results & earning good amount of money, so they must be doing something that their videos always come at top.

Here are the 7 Tips that will improve your YouTube videos ranking:


1. Title

  • The most important thing is your title, so the first thing that you should do is to identify the root keyword phrase.
  • There are so many ways to find the best title for your video.
  • One, type your desired title on Google or YouTube, it will list down top search results. Now compare your desired title with those.
  • You will get an idea, and certainly you can improve your title.
How To Make Your Video Appear In Top 10 On YouTube 1
  • Second, use the Keyword Explorer extensions, that are installed on your browsers.
  • One of the popular keyword explorer is Tubebuddy.
  • Once you install the extension, the icon will appear on top-right section of YouTube.
  • When you will type your title there, it will assess and give rating and description.
  • You can download from Tube Buddy.
How To Make Your Video Appear In Top 10 On YouTube 2


2. Description & Meta Tags

  • Put the right Description and Meta tags.
  • Sometimes videos are listed and recommended based on Description and Tags.
  • You should be very diligent when you write Description and put Tags.


3. Title & Video Content Should Be Relevant

  • Make sure that your content must be relevant to the title.
  • The more relevant the title and content would be, more people will watch the video till the end because the Watch Time also plays an important role for video ranking. More Watched Time videos are ranked higher.
  • The content of video should attract viewers.
  • The video quality should be better.


4. Thumbnail

  • The first thing that attracts viewers is thumbnail.
  • Most people watch videos seeing thumbnail. Thumbnail image name should be similar to the title like how-to-make-good-thumbnail.jpg
  • Main things should be clearly highlighted on thumbnail.
  • Here is a good example.
How To Make Your Video Appear In Top 10 On YouTube 3


5. Create An Official Playlist/Series Playlist

  • A series playlist will allow you to mark your playlist as an official set of videos that should be viewed together.
  • Adding a video to a series playlist allows other videos in the playlist to be featured and recommended when someone is viewing a video in the series playlist.
  • You must have a verified account in order to use series playlists.
  • Go to Video Manager and Edit playlist.
How To Make Your Video Appear In Top 10 On YouTube 4


6. Use YouTube Analytics

  • You can use YouTube analytics to get detail information of your videos. Like
  • Watch time
  • Average View Duration
  • Top Geographies
  • Gender
  • Traffic Sources
  • Playback location & much more.
How To Make Your Video Appear In Top 10 On YouTube 5


7. Social Media Sharing and Subscribers

  • When you create your YouTube channel also create social media pages and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Request your friends, family member, relatives  to watch your videos, subscribe your channel and share your videos further to other people.
  • Not only it will promote your videos, it will increase the Watch Time of your videos.
  • The more people watch your videos, the videos will be ranked higher.


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