Top 15 Most Handsome Pakistani TikTokers | TikTok Stars

TikTok is the fastest growing video-sharing platform. It has taken the world by storm and massively overcome the popularity of other social media platforms like Instagram. One of the reasons why it is so popular because anyone from poor to rich can sell his talent easily, you just need a smartphone.

TikTok has caught huge attention and users in Pakistan as well. Today millions of Pakistanis are part of this popular video-sharing platform. Like other social-media-platform stars like YouTubers, Instagramers etc Tiktokers are also enjoying huge fan following and popularity in Pakistan.

From Imran Khan to Fawad Khan Pakistani men have always been epitome for elegance and smartness. Now if you talk about handsomeness of Pakistani TikTokers, you will be amazed that there are hundreds of dashing TikTokers who could one day make it to big screens and become global stars.

We have handpicked the top 15 most handsome Pakistani TikTok stars. These TikTokers are not only good looking, but also very talented with their acting skills as well.

Top 15 Most Handsome Pakistani TikTokers | TikTok Stars

  • Here is our list of  top 15 most handsome Pakistani TikTokers:
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    15. Rana Umer

    • Rana Umer is the Owner of BODYHOLICS Gymnasiums. He is one of the richest Pakistani TikToker. Though he does not have that charming looks, but overall he has got a very attractive and mature personality. He loves to wear expensive suits, ride heavy bikes and drive expensive cars and land cruisers. He is our Number #15.

    Rana Umer - Pakistani TikToker

    14. DBRapstar

    • DBRapstar is a popular Pakistani rapstar on TikTok. He has got a stylish personality and amazing side-looks particularly with a leather jacket. He is our Number #14.

    DBRapstar - Pakistani TikToker

    13. Khalifa Khan

    • Khalifa Khan is a passionate and a stylish Pakistani TikToker with short hair and big eyes. He has got a unique style like you would see his top shirt buttons untucked and wears two black rings on his fingers. He loves to wear jeans and leather jacket. He is our Number #13.

    Khalifa Khan - Pakistani TikToker

    12. Sam Malik

    • Sam Malik is sort of a mischievous Pakistani TikToker who makes funny videos on TikTok. Though he looks thin and needs some muscles, but he has got a very charming looks and eye-catching smile. He is our Number #12.
    Sam Malik - Pakistani Tiktoker

    11. Talha Ali

    • Talha Ali is a dashing and stylish Pakistani TikToker with long hair. He has got some Korean touch as well. He wears a big chain on his neck. He loves wearing jeans jackets and hoodies. He is our Number #11.

    Talha Ali Pakistani Tiktoker

    10. Tair Anghori

    • Tair Anghori is an extremely good-looking Pakistani TikToker with a dashing smile. Like Rana Umer he also got a mature personality. He is quite sensitive about his hair and does take lot of care. He has got some resemblance with the famous Pakistani fashion artist Tapu Javeri and Hollywood star Patrick Dempsey as well. He is our Number #10.

    Tair Anghori Pakistani Tiktoker

    09. Afzal Behram Khan

    • Afzal Behram Khan is arguably the fittest Pakistani TikToker. Would you believe that he has got solid 8 pack abs, that's WOW!. Not he's just a super fit guy, he has got dashing looks, stylish hair and mature personality as well. He has got some resemblance with the dashing Hollywood star Eric Bana. He is our Number #09.

    Afzal behram Khan - TikToker

    08. Asad Ali

    • Asad Ali is a dashing Pakistani TikToker with a sensational smile. He has got marvelous 6 pack abs and smashing triceps as well. He has got some resemblance with the Bollywood star Vidyut Jammwal. He is our Number #08.

    Asad Ali - pakistani TikToker

    07. Mohammad Momin Mughal

    • Momin Mughal is a cute and charming Pakistani TikToker. He has got enchanting looks and a smashing smile and has got some serious resemblance with the Pakistani star Fahad Mustafa. He is our Number #07.

    Mohammad Momin Mughal Pakistani Tiktoker

    06. Hurair Dehwar

    • Hurair Dehwar is the Devdas of TikTok. He has got a very unique look and also extraordinary acting skills. He has adopted an avatar of a spiritual saint like a sufi dervaish. Even in this malang getup he looks attractive.

    Hurair Dehwar - Pakistani TikToker

    05. Mubeen Rehman

    • Mubeen Rehman is also a very dashing Pakistani TikToker. He has got a very innocent smile and eye-catching looks. He has got some resemblance with the Bollywood star Tushar Kapoor particularly his smile. He is our Number #05.

    Mubeen Rehman - Pakistani Tiktoker

    04. Meer Jangi Khan Rais

    • Meer Jangi Khan is a terribly handsome TikToker from Baluchistan. He is now emerging as a media star as well. He has got a dashing smile, stylish hair and a very graceful mustache. He looks super amazing when he wears Arabic scarf. Instead of Ranbir Kapoor he should have been cast in Sanjay Dutt's biopic Sanju for his role. He is our Number #04.

    Meer Jangi Khan Rais -  Pakistani TikToker

    03. Prince Taha

    • Prince Taha is a super cute and dashing young Pakistani TikToker. He is literally a prince. It won't be wrong to say that he is the Pakistani Zayn Malik. Well Zayn Malik is also British-origin Pakistani. Taha has got a very enchanting personality. He is our Number #3.

    Prince Taha - Pakistani TikToker

    02. Pir Ahmed

    • Pir Ahmed is a dashing and super hot Pakistani TikToker. He has got all those looks and enchanting personality that could make him a chocolate hero. He has maintained a very good physique as well. He is our Number #2.

    Pir Ahmed - Pakistani TikToker

    01. Haydar Malik

    • Haydar Malik is arguably the most dashing and handsome TikToker, WAIT! not only Pakistani but world's. Style, smile, looks, color, everything ends on him. In future, he could emerge as a biggest Pakistani star. He has got some resemblance with the global superstar footballer David Beckham as well. Haydar is our Number #1.

    Haydar Malik - Pakistani TikToker

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