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Best Personal Blogger Template [2022] For Writers

Best Personal Blogger Template For Writers featured


Best Personal Blogger Template [2022] For Writers

Are you a writer, story teller or an author, and looking for a minimalist Blogger template for your personal blog? You’re in the right place. The “Writer” is a fully-customizable, minimalist, fast-performance, SEO-ready and responsive personal Blogger template for writers, story tellers and authors.

Some of the main features of Writer Blogger template are:

  • Fully Responsive, works on any device such as desktop, smartphones and tablets
  • Supports Infinite Scroll
  • Sticky Sidebar and Menu
  • Powerful Admin Panel. You can customize colors, icons, fonts, etc, from the theme designer
  • Contains multiple Side Panels
  • Supports Popular Posts and Archive widgets
  • Social Media sharing icons
  • Simple Related Posts widget without thumbnails
  • Translation ready

We’ll cover following topics in this article:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights Test Results
  • Design Features Of Homepage
  • Design Features Of Item Page
  • Pricing | Live Demo

Have you used the Blogger feature to redirect your “.blogspot” subdomain to custom domain? If not! Have a look:

PageSpeed Insights Test Results

The Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of your website and its pages, and generates a score and suggestions to make that page faster.

Websites with fast-performance pages are ranked higher in Google search results as compare to websites with slow-performance pages. Normally people don’t stay on such pages which take lot of time to load.

PageSpeed Insights of Homepage

The page speed of homepage on mobile devices is 81, and the page speed of homepage on desktop devices is 99. The page speeds reveal that Writer’s homepage is fast-performance and works very well on all types of devices.

Best Personal Blogger Template For Writers 1

PageSpeed Of Item Page

The page speed of item page on mobile devices is around 70 to 81, and the page speed of item page on desktop devices is 99. Item page speeds are also as good as homepage speeds.

Best Personal Blogger Template For Writers 2

Design Features Of Homepage

Writer’s homepage has a very simple and clean design. Its layout is divided into two sections Sidebar and Main.

Let’s discuss the main section first. The Header contains author/writer’s bio, profile picture, social media links and simple sticky menu. By default menu is hidden, appears only when you click the hamburger icon.

On most of the themes author profile is placed either in sidebar or at bottom of the page, but on this theme it is placed on the top. It is natural for readers that before reading someone’s stories, opinions, books, they want to know about that person first like his background, interest, hobbies, etc.

If the bio is impressive it motivates visitors to spend time on blog and explore your content.

Below the Header there are list of articles with large titles. To read the complete article you can click its title to open in the item page.

Best Personal Blogger Template For Writers 3

Now let’s go through the design features of sticky sidebar. On top there is a search icon. On click it opens search bar and some labels(categories).

Best Personal Blogger Template For Writers 4

Below the search icon there is a hamburger icon. It contains Labels with post counters, and Links.

Best Personal Blogger Template For Writers 5

The POPULAR link contains the beautifully-designed Popular Posts widget. Each post in the widget is ranked by a number like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Below the POPULAR link there is ARCHIVE link, that contains list of months and number of posts published in each month.

Best Personal Blogger Template For Writers 7

This is how the top section of homepage looks like on smartphones. It is fully responsive and beautifully designed.

Best Personal Blogger Template For Writers 9

Design Features Of Item Page

Item Page of a website is always very important because your articles are read on item page, and that’s why its item page is designed carefully by keeping the readers in mind.

A good thing about this template is that its Header and Side Bar also appear on Item Page as well. They help visitors to navigate from one page of the website to the other, which ultimately reduces the bounce rate.

Best Personal Blogger Template For Writers 11

At bottom of the item page there are Social Media Sharing icons, Related Posts widget without thumbnail, and customized Comments section.

Through social media sharing icons you can share an article directly from the website. The Related Posts widget shows the relevant posts to current post.

Best Personal Blogger Template For Writers 13

This is how the Item Page of Writer Blogger template looks like on smartphones. You can see that how easy it is to read content on smartphones.

Best Personal Blogger Template For Writers 15

Pricing | Live Demo

The cost of Writer Blogger template is only $24.

Explore More Features & Buy | Watch Live Demo

So it was all about Writer, a magnificent minimal personal Blogger template. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with other people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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