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Hire Professional iOS Developers For App Development


Hire Professional iOS Developers For App Development

Hire Professional iOS Developers For App Development
(Last Updated On: October 18, 2021)

Are you looking for professional freelance iOS developers for iOS app development? You’re in the right place. We have handpicked the best and affordable iOS developers for you. You don’t need to worry about things like “Where can I find iOS developers?”, “Where can I find freelance app developers?”, “How do I hire an iOS app developer?” etc.

These iOS developers have got hand-on & proven experience in iOS development. They offer services like iOS app development, high quality product delivery, expertise in iOS and Android technologies like Objective C, Swift, Kotlin, React native, expertise in web technologies, expertise in UI/ UX skills, web services integration, arKit 3, coreML 3, wireframing, prototyping and many more.

Skills and services differ from developer to developer. Every iOS developer offers 3 packages: Basic, Standard & Premium. Rates, services & delivery time vary from package to package. All of these iOS developers have completed more than 50 orders.

These iOS developers have been handpicked on Fiverr by considering following things:

  • Customer reviews
  • Experience
  • Level
  • Flexibility


Here is the list with brief reviews:


1. Vivek Dharmani

Vivek Dharmani develops iOS and Android apps. He has got an experience of more than 7 years in mobile app development.

His services include: Expertise in iOS and Android technologies like Objective C, Swift, Kotlin, iOS app, web technologies including front end and back end & UI/UX skills.


2. Hassan Tahir

Hassan Tahir develops iOS apps for iPhone and iPad in Swift. He has got more than 2 years of work experience in mobile app development.

His skill set includes: API Handling, Coapods(3rd Party library Integration), Auto Layout, Google Maps, Google Admobs, Core Data, In App Purchases, Local and Push Notification, Message Kit, Core Motion, Firebase Services, UI Designing (Code and Interface Builder), Size Classes, Handling complex logics / operations.


3. Deep Doshi

Deep Doshi develops customized iOS and android apps. He has got more than 8 years of experience in mobile app development and web apps. He is a specialist in naive mobile app for iPhone/iOS, android, E-commerce website and web apps. He also gives free consultancy to startup/companies.


4. Hamza Shehbaz

Hamza Shehbaz provides the services of both iOS and Android app development. He has got more than 3 years of experience in mobile app development. He claims that he can develop any app based on client requirements as he has worked from basics to advanced concepts of app development.

His experience includes: SwiftUI, Auto Layouts for both iPhone and iPad, Core animations and graphics, Core data and Realm, iOS touch and Face ID, Maps and GPS Based Apps, SiriKit, Payment Gateways Integration, Scanner Applications like Barcode and QR code, arKit 3, coreML 3, API Integration and many more.


5. Akaro

Akaro develops iOS and Android native apps. She has got more than 5 years of experience in mobile and web app development. She has done around 300+ apps.

Her experience includes: knowledge of android and iOS SDK, GPS tracking, dating apps, delivery apps, map navigation, Onesignal, Twilio, Webrtc, Sqlite, PDF renegading,  image processing, FCM, Google Maps, Apple Map, Apple Push, Firebase chat integration, service based apps, booking apps, E-commerce apps, AWS integration, social media integration, Java, Kotlin, Objective-c, Swift , MVP architecture and many more.


6. Qaiser Abbas

Qaiser Abbas develops iOS apps in Swift & iOS. He has got more than 6 years of experience in native iPhone/iPad development.

His experience includes: Google Map, ad services, chat applications, convert website to iPhone/iPad app, animation based applications, calendar-based applications, audio/video applications, reskinning of current applications, convert application into the latest iOS apps, bug solving for exiting iOS applications and many more..


7. Nabeel Anjum

Nabeel Anjum develops React Native app for both iOS and Android. He has got more than 5 years of professional experience of mobile app development in iOS, Android and React Native.

His experience includes: UI/UX improvements, bug fixing in existing app, design improvements, API integration, Firebase integration, Push Notifications, Social Logins, Location based app, Maps integration, Camera, Audio/Video features, Live Chat app, Server API development to use it with app, Cross Device support.


8. Mubeen Nisar

Mubeen Nisar develops iOS and Android mobile apps using React Native. He has got more than 5 years of experience in web/mobile apps, UI/UX & Graphic Design. He got strong knowledge of the basics, such as MVC, Multilayered architecture, C++, C# , Swift, Java etc.

His expertise includes: UI based application, Map based application, chat application, social network application, audio/video application, web service based application, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram integration, payment gateway integration, solving issues in existing apps, Firebase, Amazon Web Services (Amplify /Cognito/DynamoDB/GraphQL/Lambda).


9. Khurram Sawan

Khurram Sawan develops iOS applications from scratch or enhancement in existing apps. He provides clean code both in Objective-C and Swift. He has got experience of more than 8 years. He has been involved in multiple app development projects including award winning Pizza Express app.

His services include: Augmented reality, Bluetooth low energy integration, chatting apps using XMPP protocol, social networking apps, GPS and location based apps, Google maps integration, payment gateway integration, Firebase integration, Push notifications, image editing, video editing, complex algorithm development etc.


10. Vipin

Vipin develops mobile apps in React Native for iOS & Android. He has got experience of more than 7 years in mobile app development.

Hi services include: Manages side-effects in Readux with Readux-Saga and Readux-Thunk, Uses Facebook’s Flux and Readux to manage application state, works with Readux-Observable, Client-side routing with React-Router, Unit tests with Jest, ReactTestUtils and enzyme, Configuring build scripts with NPM, Webpack, and ESLint.


Our list ends here. If you want to search more iOS developers you can Find Here.



  • It is up to you now that which iOS developer you hire according to your requirements. We hope to see a good response from these iOS developers. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.


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