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Best Travel Backpack Affiliate Program | 8% Base Commission

Best Travel Backpack Affiliate Program


Best Travel Backpack Affiliate Program | 8% Base Commission

Do you have a travel blog and want to earn money from an affiliate program then Osprey’s affiliate program could be the best for you. By promoting Osprey backpacks and other products via your blog posts and banners you can earn 8% base commission for every sale.

Travelers, hikers, climbers, trekkers, mountaineers, mountain bikers, weekend warriors and globetrotters always look for top quality longest lasting backpacks and Osprey is one such brand which offers premium travel accessories services particularly travel backpacks, since 1974.

Osprey affiliate program is operated by one of the world’s leading affiliate marketing platform Avantlink, which offers a very robust, user-friendly and secure platform for affiliate programs, so there is no question about legitimacy of Osprey affiliate program. It is 100% legitimate affiliate program.

In this post we will cover the benefits of Osprey affiliate program, How it works and How to signup for Osprey affiliate program.


How It Works

Like other affiliate programs it also works in three steps:


Step 1:

  • Sign up for Osprey affiliate program. Once your application is approved, promote Osprey products like backpacks, daypacks, hydration accessories, ski packs, wheeled travel luggage etc via Osprey’s marketing tools like banners and links etc. It is a free to join affiliate program.


Step 2:

  •  Earn 8% base commission for selling Osprey products via your affiliate links. You will earn extra bonuses and commissions as well. It has a 30 days cookie duration.


Step 3:

  • Receive your payment from Osprey. AvantLink is partnered with Tipalti, a third-party payment partner. On the 25th of each month, AvantLink sends all affiliate payment information to Tipalti. Tipalti uses Wire Transfer, PayPal and ACH/Direct Deposit payment methods.
  • Must read about affiliate commission Payout FAQS.


Benefits Of Osprey Affiliate Program

Affiliates can get following benefits from this affiliate program:


8% base commission:  

  • For every sale you will earn 8% base commission.


30-day cookie window:  

  • There is 30 days cookie duration means a visitor visits Osprey website via your affiliate link to buy a product, but do not buy and leaves website, but if he returns to Osprey website to buy that product again within 30 days, you will still earn commission.


Average order $150+: 

  • Average cost of the Osprey products is $150+, so for instance if  you sell a product worth $150 you will earn $12(8% of $150) commission.


Loyal customer base: 

  • It means that Osprey is a well recognized brand and there is a massive trust on its products. People love to buy Osprey products.


Seasonal promotions and sales: 

  • Osprey offers seasonal promotions and sales to its customers. It means you can earn more commissions by promoting seasonal promotions and sales by enticing customers.


Consistent new product releases:  

  • Osprey always tries its best to produce best products and remain up to date with customers demands, so it consistently releases new products. This also increases your earnings i.e when you promote new products.


Lifetime guarantee on all products: 

  • One of the reasons why customers trust Osprey is that it provides lifetime guarantee on all products, so it can compel people to buy Osprey products.


Free shipping over $49: 

  • Osprey offers free shipping on all its products that cost more than $49, means if a backpack cost is $60 it will be shipped free to customers. Free shipping also compels customers to buy Osprey products.


How To Sign Up For Osprey Affiliate Program

Best Travel Backpack Affiliate Program | 8% Base Commission
  • Enter your Email Address
  • Enter your First Name and Last Name.
  • Enter your Website Name.
  • Enter your Website URL.
  • Enter your Website Description.
Best Travel Backpack Affiliate Program | 8% Base Commission
  • Enter your Phone Number with your country code.
  • Enter your Mailing Address
  • Enter your City.
  • Choose your Country
  • Choose your State or Province.
  • Enter Postal Code of your City.
  • Click Sign up for AvantLink.
Best Travel Backpack Affiliate Program | 8% Base Commission
  • You will see a message that “Your sign up is now pending approval.”
Best Travel Backpack Affiliate Program | 8% Base Commission


Open your email and open the Avantlink Application Confirmation mail. This email is about the verification of the owner. Before AvantLink approves or denies your application it verifies your ownership.

You will get following 3 verification methods in your email:

  • Social Media
  • Manual Verification
  • Standard Website Authentication


1. Social Media

  • If you are advertising on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc then this will require for Avantlink to manually review and verify your website(Facebook profile/page, Twitter Profile etc).
  • Insert this hashtag #AvantLink on your profile bio or feed.
  • Once you place this hashtag on your profile, send an email to to make Avatlink team aware.


Following 4 lines should be the content of your email:

  • Have you been asked to join by an AvantLink staff member, a Merchant, or Program Manager? If so, it is vital that you include that you have and some sort of email correspondence from them asking you to join in your email to us.
  • A hyperlink to the page where the message has been placed.


AvantLink will generate an automatic ID for you. You will see in your email like “Your Application ID is 123456”. A hyperlink is the URL of your Facebook profile or Twitter profile where you will place the #Avantlink hashtag.

Best Travel Backpack Affiliate Program | 8% Base Commission


2. Manual Verification

This process is for those websites which are hosted on free platforms like Blogger, Wix, Gatorhost, Squarespace etc. Manual verification is the process by which Avantlink verifies your website by sending an email to you via your website contact form.

So if your website does not have a contact form create a contact form. If they are unable to find your contact form they will reject your application.

best affiliate program


3. Standard Website Authentication

If your website is not hosted on a free platform and hosted on WordPress, GoDaddy, Hostgator etc then you can use this method. Your website will be verified instantly.

There are two methods, you can use any one of them:

  • Install a JavaScript tag
  • Upload a file


In the “Install a Javascript tag” method, click “Install this JavaScript tag on your website”. It will ask you to copy a javascript code in your website template. Once you paste the code on your website template click “Verify your installation”.

In the second method you have to upload a text file on your website’s root directory. Once you upload the file on your website’s root directory click “Verify your installation”.

best affiliate program


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