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Why PayPal Is Not Available In Pakistan | Alternate Payment System

Why PayPal Is Not Available In Pakistan


Why PayPal Is Not Available In Pakistan | Alternate Payment System

PayPal is one of the world’s leading online secure payment and money transfer system. Apparently it’s available in 190 countries but with lots of restrictions and limitations. Literally its full services are available only in 30 or 32 countries. A very common question, which most of the Pakistanis raise and which has been a riddle for them i.e why PayPal does not offer its services in Pakistan?

In this article we will explain some of the perceptions that why PayPal is not available in Pakistan and what is the alternate payment system for PayPal.

Unfortunately, nobody has given a satisfying answer to the question that why PayPal does not come to Pakistan. In Pakistan there are two perceptions, first one is that Pakistanis have always been involved in online scamming and other such activities and PayPal does not trust Pakistan.

The second is that, the State bank of Pakistan has very strict banking policies for online transactions. I think both the perceptions are wrong. Firstly, there are more hackers and scammers in India than Pakistan, but PayPal is available in India. Secondly, If State bank of Pakistan has strict policies then why Payoneer and other online payment systems are allowed in Pakistan?

According to some sources, it is suggested that PayPal has its own market targets. It first experiments in one region, gets results and then makes a decision for other regions. PayPal services are available in India, but not in Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is so because PayPal is experimenting in India and if it gets positive response from Indian market, it will definitely offer its services in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

There are millions of potential users of PayPal in Pakistan and Bangladesh like in India. Hundreds of thousands of  people who are doing online businesses are receiving money through different payment methods and there are millions who are in a queue to do online business and waiting for PayPal.

There are so many online companies providing millions of jobs all over the world, but they require a verified PayPal account, which has always been an impediment for those who don’t have verified PayPal accounts. If PayPal offers its services to Pakistan and Bangladesh, it would benefit PayPal exponentially because these countries have huge potential.


Why PTI Must Bring PayPal To Pakistan?

Recently Imran Khan led political party Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf  has come to Government. People have– especially youngsters have many expectations from this party. One of its targets are to create 10 million jobs in five years, which is a massive target to achieve. It depends on it, how it can generate these jobs.

If it manages to bring PayPal in Pakistan, it will assist to mitigate the burden of creating jobs. Thousands of youngster can get jobs by associating themselves with multinational companies and clients from all over the world, who deal in PayPal.

It’s is up to the PTI that how much efforts it puts to convince PayPal. I wish that PayPal come to Pakistan as soon as possible, so that Pakistanis could make lot of online earnings and there won’t be any payment dependencies and impediments.


Alternate Online Payment System For PayPal

If PayPal services are not offered in your country, you don’t need to worry now because there is an alternate Payment system called Payoneer. You can receive money via Payoneer and withdraw money to your local bank accounts easily. Payoneer works by creating virtual accounts for you in western banks(US, UK, Canada etc) to receive money.

You can earn money by joining the affiliate programs like Amazon, CJ Affiliates etc using your Payoneer account.


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