15+ Best Pet Brands Affiliate Programs



15+ Best Pet Brands Affiliate Programs

Are you looking for free-to-join pet affiliate programs offered by some of the top-rated pet brands? You’re in the right place. I have handpicked one of the best affiliate programs in the pet industry that you can join and make money online.

Joining a pet affiliate program can be an excellent way for pet enthusiasts and bloggers to monetize their passion while providing valuable resources to their audience. According to Fortune Business Insights The global pet care market size is projected to grow from $259.37 billion in 2024 to $427.75 billion by 2032. With the pet industry experiencing significant growth year after year, the demand for pet products and services is higher than ever, making it a potentially lucrative niche for affiliate marketers.

By partnering with reputable pet brands, affiliates can earn commissions by promoting everything from pet food, toys, and accessories, to insurance and health products. By carefully selecting products and services that align with their values, affiliates can enhance their credibility and build trust with their audience. Additionally, most pet affiliate programs offer a range of marketing tools and support to help maximize conversions, making it easier for affiliates to succeed.


All of the below pet affiliate programs are powered by Impact Radius affiliate network. If you don’t have an Impact Radius account or don’t know how to apply for an affiliate program on Impact Radius, read this step-by-step tutorial:

01. The Farmer’s Dog Affiliate Program

The Farmer’s Dog is one of the preeminent pet health brands that is revolutionizing the way dog owners feed their canine companions. Rather than relying on mass-produced, shelf-stable kibble, The Farmer’s Dog delivers freshly cooked, human-grade dog food straight to customers’ doorsteps. 

The Farmer’s Dog affiliate program offers commission of $50.00 per sale and 28-day cookie period, making it an attractive opportunity for affiliate marketers and influencers to earn substantial income by promoting the brand.

02. SpotOn Virtual Fence Affiliate Program

The SpotOn fence-free containment system represents an advanced approach to keep dogs safely within designated boundaries without the need for traditional physical fencing. At the heart of this innovative technology is SpotOn’s proprietary True Location™ system, which utilizes advanced GPS tracking to precisely monitor a dog’s location and establish reliable, customizable boundaries.

SpotOn affiliate program provides 6.6% commission for each sale, along with an extended 30-day cookie period. This creates a compelling opportunity to earn passive income by promoting the SpotOn solution to audience of dog-owning consumers. 

03. Ollie Pets Affiliate Program

To keep your dog happy and healthy at every stage of life can be a challenge, but Ollie’s Pets has found the perfect solution with their freshly cooked, vet-approved dog food. Made with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, Ollie’s offers four delicious recipes that are sure to have your pup’s tail wagging with excitement at mealtime. They also create a custom meal plan for your dog.

Ollie’s Pets offers a generous affiliate program that pays a $60 commission for each sale you produce, and a 30-day cookie window to maximize your earning potential.

04. Open Farm Affiliate Program

Healthy pet food that is ethically raised and sourced. The Open Farm is a family-run business where they know that the best ingredients are grown and raised by
farmers who respect the land they call home and the animals under their care.

The Open Farm affiliate program pays a fixed commission of $60 USD per sale or 5% to 15% commission per sale, and offers a 30-day cookie period.

  • Serviceable Area: United States
  • Commission: $60.00, 5% to 15%
  • Cookie: 30 day(s)
  • Powered By: Impact Radius

05. Redbarn Pet Products Affiliate Program

The Redbarn Pet Products offer natural dog and cat treats with honest marketing. They value integrity and transparency to ensure their products are 100% safe and support the health, wellness, and longevity of pets.

Redbarn Pet Products affiliate program pays $10.00, or 3% to 5% Commission and offers a cookie period of 30 days.

06. Paw CBD Affiliate Program

The Paw CBD, believe that pets are family. They are proud to affordably offer Superior Broad Spectrum CBD oil products for pets, specially crafted for dogs and cats.

Paw CBD affiliate program pays 20% Commission Per Sale and offers a cookie period of 30 days.

  • Serviceable Area: United States
  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie Period: 30 day(s)
  • Powered By: Impact Radius

07. Wiggle Kingdom Affiliate Program

The Wiggle Kingdom offers world’s smallest training collars for small dog breeds. For customer satisfaction they also provide 30 day money back guarantee & 1 year unconditional warranty.

Wiggle Kingdom affiliate program offers 15% commission per sale and extended 60 days cookie period.

08. PrettyLitter Affiliate Program

The PrettyLitter provides hassle-free, health monitoring, odor control cat litter delivered monthly with free shipping.

You can earn great commission with subscription-based affiliate program of PrettyLitter. For each subscription you earn 12% commission. The cookie period is only 1 day.

09. Cat Person Affiliate Program

The Cat Person provides 19 high-quality wet and dry foods, convertible cat beds, bowls, and more.

Cat Person affiliate program offers 12% to 15% commission for one time purchase and $8.00,15% for subscription trial. It offers cookie period of 30 days.

  • Serviceable Area: United States
  • Commission: Onetime Purchase Earn 12%-15% , Subscription Trial: Earn $8.00,15%.
  • Cookie Period: 30 day(s)
  • Powered By: Impact Radius

10. Paw.com Affiliate Program

The Paw.com is the award-winning designer and manufacturer of innovative pet products. Founded in 2014, Paw.com has strived to develop premium pet products that address the needs of both the pet and pet parent.

The Paw.com affiliate program offers 10% commission per sale and cookie period of 30 days.

  • Serviceable Area: Canada, United States
  • Commission: United States Earn 10%, Canada Earn 10%
  • Cookie Period: 30 day(s)
  • Powered By: Impact Radius | Paw.com Affiliate Program Page

11. Naturecan Pets US Affiliate Program

The Naturecan Pet is leading the way in ultra-pure and safe CBD for pets to support your pet’s health and wellness, the natural way. Their proprietary blend
of CBD & CBDA isolates guarantees CBD in its natural form, free from THC, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The Naturecan Pet affiliate program pays 10% to 15% commission per sale and offers cookie period of 30 days.

  • Serviceable Area: United States
  • Commission: 10% to 15%
  • Cookie Period: 30 day(s)
  • Powered By: Impact Radius

12. Wisdom Panel Affiliate Program

As the world’s most comprehensive DNA service for dogs and cats, Wisdom Panel™ helps you know more about your pet’s breeds, traits, and health so you can give them the best life possible. Vital insights are just a swab away.

The Wisdom Panel affiliate program pays 6% commission per sale and offers a cookie of 1 day only.

13. A Pup Above Affiliate Program

The A Pup Above was created by dog parents, for dog parents. Their fresh pup meals are gently cooked sous-vide to deliver exceptional flavor, more nutrients and more protein in every bite. All of thier ingredients are 100% human-grade and packaging is 100% recyclable.

A Pup Above affiliate program offers a generous commission of $60 USD per sale with 30 Days Cookie Period, and 5% commission for Recurring Subscription with 45 days cookie period.

  • Serviceable Area: United States
  • Commission: $60.00, Recurring Subscription: 5%
  • Cookie Period: 30 Days for fixed commission and 45 Days for Recurring Subscription
  • Powered By: Impact Radius | A Pup Above Affiliate Program Page

14. Front of the Pack Affiliate Program

The Front of the Pack is a team of leading vets, nutritionists, and animal lovers leading the revolution on pet health. They have created a new range of dog supplements and dog food made entirely from proven, pure, and powerful ingredients to ‘humanize’ the pet industry.

Front of the Pack affiliate program pays $15 to $25 commission per sale and offers a cookie period of 30 days.

15. Holistapet Affiliate Program

From CBD supplements to accessories, Holistapet caters to all pets. They believe that by joining thier affiliate program you can be part of thier community and make a positive impact on the well-being of furry friends.

The Holistapet Affiliate Program pays $25 commission per sale and cookie period of 30 days.

  • Serviceable Area: United States
  • Commission: 25%
  • Cookie Period: 30 day(s)

16. Spot & Tango Affiliate Program

The Spot & Tango serves up fresh, whole ingredient meals personalized for dogs at prices humans can afford. Their recipes are made with only fresh, whole ingredients they would eat too, because real food means less time at the vet and more time together.

Spot & Tango affiliate program pays $20 to $50 commission for trial purchase and offers a cookie period of 30 days.

  • Serviceable Area: United States
  • Commission: Trial Purchase $20.00 to $50.00
  • Cookie Period: 30 day(s)
  • Powered By: Impact Radius

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the best pet affiliate programs offered by top pet brands. Carefully go through all of them and choose the one which is more suitable for your niche and audience. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with other people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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