Ludo is a Game of Wits. Here are the Reasons Why



Ludo is a Game of Wits. Here are the Reasons Why

For many years, indulging in leisurely board games has been one of the favorite pastimes of people all around the globe. There are tons of board games that individuals love, but the one game that surpasses all others in terms of popularity is ludo.

As per reports by The Economic Times, ludo’s popularity and demand among the masses surged immensely during the COVID pandemic. The multiplayer board game is popular among people of all ages for numerous reasons.

For starters, the game does not involve complex rules or laws; thus, everyone enjoys playing ludo with friends or family members. Besides this, the game also benefits players’ mental health in multiple ways. Thanks to the popularity the game enjoys and its benefits, online ludo is also a rage all around the globe.

There are tons of online platforms and applications that offer individuals the option to play online ludo games against known as well as anonymous opponents. All an individual needs is a smartphone with a reliable Internet connection to get started with online ludo.

The online ludo real money game offers players other exciting benefits and prizes. Individuals who wish to spend quality time with family or friends living in a different geographical location can easily download an online ludo game and invite their loved ones to start playing. Besides this, indulging in online ludo matches is the perfect way for users who wish to get better at the game to practice and enhance their skill set.

Over the years, there have been many debates regarding the nature of the popular board game. This article will shed light on why the game of ludo is as much a game of wits as it is of skills. Let us dive right into it:

Which Factor Contributes More in Ludo – Luck or Skill?

Any ludo variant, whether online or offline, involves the players rolling a physical dice or tapping on the dice button. According to the number on the dice, the player must move their tokens or marbles on the board. Hence, luck is the factor that supersedes skill when it comes to the number that appears. The player has no control over the number on the dice; thus, the number of steps their tokens have to move depends entirely on luck.

However, in any game of ludo, every participant has four tokens. Whatever number appears on the dice, players have the option to make any of their four tokens move as per their preference. This is where the factor of skill comes in. The player has to make an informed and smart decision regarding which token they wish to move. How and which token they move plays a crucial role in determining the course of the game.

Therefore, it is safe to say that even though luck plays a significant part in how a game of ludo unfolds, skill is an equally crucial deciding factor.

Reasons Why Ludo is a Game of Wits:

As mentioned earlier, even though luck plays a major role in ludo games, skill is equally important. Here are some of the main reasons which prove that ludo is a game of wits besides being a game of luck:

01. Players Require Effective Strategies to Win

The main objective of players in any ludo game is to ensure that all their tokens reach their respective bases before their opponents. Even though it sounds like a simple task, it is not, primarily because opponents always try to sabotage the player’s chances of fulfilling their objective in attempting to kill their tokens.

Hence, players must develop effective strategies to stay one step ahead of their opponent’s moves and escape without getting their tokens killed. Players need to use their brains to formulate tactics, following which they can counter their opponents’ strats and win the game. Hence, ludo is a game of wits that forces players to devise plans to win games.

02. Players Need to Stay Calm and Composed Throughout the Game

One of the keys to emerging victorious in any game is staying calm and composed during ludo games, especially when the game is not going in the player’s favor. Besides requiring them to come up with top-tier strategies, ludo games also test the mental abilities of players.

For instance, when their opponents are getting unprecedented numbers on their dice, and it seems like they will win, players need to remain calm and composed to think straight and make moves that favor them. If they start getting frustrated, they will probably lose the game.

03. Ludo Games Demand Discipline and Mental Agility

Another reason that adds to the fact that ludo is a game of wits is that it requires discipline along with mental agility. In most ludo games, players must make their moves within a stipulated time. Hence, they need to think quickly about the moves they wish to make. One wrong move and the entire game’s course can get altered.

Moreover, any individual who wishes to get better at ludo must practice. Had it been only a game of luck, anyone having a good day would be able to win. However, players must also stay disciplined and frequently practice since it requires skill.

Anyone who thinks ludo is about luck should refer to the aforementioned points to understand that skills or wits play an equally important role.

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