IPXplus: A Unique IPX Service for Providers



IPXplus, a unique IPX service for providers

In the new modern era, VoIP and IP exchange services have been a trend. The new age companies are focusing on bringing new services for their customers. Recently, we found a service offering unique IP exchange services.

IPXplus is a VoIP and IP exchange company offering IP exchange services that can bring in more revenue for telephone carriers. They offer an IP exchange service that allows your company to bypass PSTN. The company provides better quality services with more scope to generate revenue. They use technologically advanced hardware and software to offer the service.

Let’s start with the basic overview.  

What is IP Exchange?

IP Exchange service, also known as IPX is the process of exchanging IP traffic between different telephone providers. The service aims to provide a commercial framework allowing all the providers to seamlessly exchange traffic.

IP exchange services offered by IPXplus allow clients to bypass PSTN. PSTN stands for Public Switch Telephonic Network. Although PSTN already provides easy integration. However, the new exchange service makes it easier and allows the clients to take full advantage of VoIP service. We will see more about the benefits later.

About IPXplus

IPXplus is a service provider working in VoIP and IP exchange services. These services provide a commercial framework allowing cellular, POTS, VoIP carriers, and other companies to benefit from the IP exchange. They help companies in generating revenue from origination calls to toll-free DIDs and termination to local DIDs. You as a company can set custom rates for inbound or outbound.

They believe that all of their partners should get maximum benefit for being a partner. Therefore, the partners can skip LRN and CNAM dip. This will help them to save thousands of dollars in expenses. The company also offers other services which include SMS, MMS, etc. Their API increases the speed of integration and new codec technologies allow for HD voice and video.

IPXplus mainly caters to VoIP service providers as they have a sip-based infrastructure. However, the service is not just limited to them. Any cellular carrier or even a landline carrier can utilize the exchange service. They allow any telephony providers registered with FCC and NANPA (North American Numbering Plan) to become a partner. This includes countries like the US, Canada, or any other country whose number starts at +1. Once the company accepts the proposal, the partner can set the rates from the IPXplus portal and start the interconnection without any delay.

Development and Rollout

It is quite surprising that they have achieved a working framework with only 6 highly experienced developers working on the system. The system was created after 2-year of hard work. The team includes VoIP engineers, database administrators, a web development team, server admins, hardware, and server admins for the development.

Currently, there are 3 points of presence in Las Vegas, Denver, and Chicago. There are 2 more points planned by 2023. Both of these will be deployed on the east coast of the US.

Benefits of IPX

When you go with a unique service, there are always some advantages as well as disadvantages. In this section, we will mostly focus on the advantage part.

There are core benefits like better quality of calls and a futuristic network. However, we will mainly focus on the unique benefits you will get by using the IPXplus service.

Better Control over the Exchange

When we analyzed the entire service, the core benefit you will get here over any regular IP exchange service is control. You will get a direct connection to the network. So, you are in full control.

IPXplus allows telephone carriers to set the rates of inbound and outbound calls. They allow you to set origination and termination rates giving you full control. You can set fixed rates or even ceiling rates. With this, you can generate more revenue.

Other than MSA, there is no term agreement needed. You can set custom rates for individual DIDs. You can manage and track your billing with their CDR and MDR and fill your obligations or receive revenue with ACH (Automated Clearing House).

They have transparent access to CDR data which makes you the manager of your system. Further, you can also set what amount of data can be viewed by your partners. The system allows the carrier to set the terms on where data can be used.

More Revenue and Fewer Expenses

The company aims to provide you with decent revenue streams. There will be many new methods of revenue being introduced by the company shortly. As a carrier you will be paid for each call, each SMS and MMS to the local DID, as well as for origination to a toll-free DID.

When a call is made to the local or even a toll-free number routed by IPXplus, the originating party will be credited for the call. In the same way, when other partners will send calls to you, they are paying for the termination.

IPXplus focuses on revenue growth. They believe that the new patents will help operators make more money from the end-to-end IP service. Currently, they have a decent number of ways to generate revenue. In the future, they are planning to introduce more revenue streams.

Additionally, they focus on minimizing expenses. To begin with, there are no extra costs involved in maintenance nor there are any configuration expenses. Clients can also skip LRN and CNAM dip. Further, one can save some additional costs in the failover. We will talk more about it in the security section.

As it can bypass PSTN, you will save on termination, generate revenue in origination and save on maintenance and other costs.

Reliability and Support

The above two benefits suggest that you will get the best technology and it’s good for your business as well. Now, you need to focus on the credibility of the service. They have great security for a reliable partner. One of the reasons we love IPXplus is because of its ethics. They don’t use cloud providers. Instead, they use their hardware in tier 4 data centers. Therefore, data centers have high availability, multiple fiber connections, battery backup as well as generator backup in addition to AC and uptime of a minimum of 99.995% uptime per year.

IPXplus system uses distributed database design. This increases site survivability. So, in case of any outage, each pop acts as an individual pop. In simple words, the pop will continue to operate for a specific time depending on the DB cached content.  

Along with this, their team members are dedicated to providing you with the best possible support. The team will guide you with your query. So, you won’t face any issues in using the service. This brings us to the security details of the IPX.

Security: Survivability, and Failover

When working with IP exchange, security becomes a crucial part you need to look at. IPXplus is state of art firewall that only allows traffic from known partners. Not just limited to the firewall, their team keeps a close eye on the activities and monitors their network 24/7. They keep upgrading the systems keeping your data safe from all the new vulnerabilities and exploits. All internal communication is encrypted and secure.

They offer PSTN failover as an option. The service will be provided if needed. This service will send calls directly to the destination which are not terminated by IPXplus.

Along with the layered security, their core hardware is strong. They use standard hardware which directly removes most of the security issues.

Moreover, the best part is that they build an API-based system. In simple words, you can easily integrate it with your network without worrying about the integrity of your current software. Let’s talk more about it.

Technology and Integration

If you are using traditional tech, you will have to shift to the new one. In that case, technology is important.

IPXplus has made the system in such a way that your current routing system won’t be a problem. They use API servers. By this, it becomes easy to integrate with any system. For the people who have less information about API, it acts as an independent system through which users can automate and get the task done without the need for complex code.

You can see it is a small software that can run along with your existing software without messing up your current one. So, the integration is easy and fast. 

Now, they use direct media for HD voice-quality calls. It uses ITU standard which mainly includes G.722, G.722.1, and G.711 codec. With this, the clarity of the calls will be a lot better. The G.722 gives 2x performance as compared to G.711 with the same amount of bandwidth.

Their infrastructure will leave you no room for excuses. There are no technical limitations here. The partners can ask for an on-demand explanation during peak hours. With more computer resources available whenever you want, you can easily tackle the busy hours.

Quick Review of the IP Exchange Service

With any new service, there will be good and bad things as well. Let’s talk about the same. We will see each part. This will give you a complete idea of the good and bad of the IPXplus IP Exchange services.

Quality of the Calls

With the new advancement of tech and fast integration, you will get the best quality when it comes to calls. You can surely rely on HD audio and video for the calls. With the failover features, your system will work fine even during peak hours and partial outages.

Revenue and Cost

They have a decent revenue procedure and give you complete control over your system. You can set the rates and cut the expenses. The revenue model is a great way to allow partners to make more money. In the future, the streams will also increase.

Portal and Usability

Now, most of the initial configurations will be done through the portal. The portal is a feature-pack dashboard. The usability is decent but not great. There is room for improvement. However, as they already have many tasks in the bucket, they will work on them as the system grows.

Customer Support

They have excellent customer support. In case of any dispute, they will transfer it to the agent which will provide a solution for the same. Therefore, customer support is amazing. They also have a toll-free number (of course) where you can give them a call if you don’t want to wait for an email reply.

The Process to Opt for the Service

So, the next question you might have is how can one register for the IP exchange service. The process to get the exchange service is simple.

First, you will have to contact the team with the details. Their team will contact you back. You can schedule a call with the team to get to know more about the service or you can also directly opt for the service. As we are seeing the onboarding process, we will assume that you have opted for the service.

A small verification process will be done from their side to verify all the details. Once the verification is done, you can provide the IP of originating and termination. There might be more details needed. The team will guide you through it.

Thereafter, you will get the details of your account in the portal. The portal is simple to use. As we mentioned before, it’s not much attractive.

To start the service, the initial configuration is automatically done through the portal. They have automated APIs that can automate all of your processes. So, you don’t need to hire anyone to perform day-to-day operations. You will rarely have to log in to the portal once the integration is completed.

IPXplus API syncs your database with the IPXplus database. With this, you can keep track on what are the changes made.

In the portal, you can not only check your current stats and usage but the telephone carriers can set custom rates and caller ID info from the portal. All similar configurations will be done from the same dashboard. They are working on more revenue streams. So, in near future, you will get more options here. As of now, you can set the rates and move to the advanced configurations.

If you are facing any issues thereafter, you can contact the team for more.

Want to know more about the IPX service? Feel free to visit the official website of IPXplus where you will get all the information about the company. If you don’t get what you’re looking for, feel free to contact them.

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