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Chicago VoIP Business Phone Systems and Service by VoipPlus

VOIP services have taken a new turn as the cloud-based PBX came into the trend. The modern age services now provide services for VOIP telephone as well as cloud-based PBX. One such all-in-one service is provided by VoipPlus.

The modern-age service focuses on providing affordable VOIP phone services for the US markets.

Overview of the VoipPlus

The company started back in 2001 as an originating and termination service provider. After 8 years of service, VoipPlus jumped into the small business segment and started offering telephonic services. Later in 2017, VoipPlus became the leader in Hosted Predictive Dialers, Voice Broadcasting, Business PBX, and Custom IVR Systems.

Since then, the company has been innovating and providing services across the states. It’s an FCC registered carrier. The service they provide is completely reliable and can be used by all types of businesses.

What is Hosted PBX and Do you Need it?

To make it simple, hosted PBX is a cloud-based where you don’t require to have any of the equipment or hardware at your place. The service provider will have all of them ready and will provide you with complete access through an internet connection.

The core reasons for having a hosted PBX over a traditional PBX are simplicity and flexibility. PBX invites a lot of expenses, expertise, and effort. If you wish to remove all three, hosted PBX service is the right option. Hosted PBX will remove the need for the on-site infrastructure for telecommunication. Here, the installation and maintenance are done by the service providers.

VoipPlus offers you an exit door to reduce the expenses on IT, and infrastructure, and free you from all the efforts. Starting from infrastructure space to the number of devices such as phones, desktop softphones, and mobile phones, VoipPlus gives you full flexibility.

Their online portal makes it easier to set up new lines, configurations, and request support. Due to the local presence, they have managed to give highly reliable performance all the time. Not to mention, the end-user can request unlimited numbers for the service.

Benefits of Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX has many benefits over traditional PBX. Many small to medium enterprises prefer to go with the cloud as they get more flexibility as compared to the latter one. Here are the top benefits of going with the hosted PBX.

Super-easy to Set Up

One of the biggest efforts is setting up PBX systems. You will need infrastructure space, IT equipment, and a few talented people to set it up and maintain it. On the other hand, cloud PBX will only take a few clicks to set up. Anyone with technical skills can configure it from anywhere.

VoipPlus has amazing software that makes the configuration simple and fast. The user interface is clean and comes with all the features.

Once the system is up and running, you can access it from anywhere. This gives you complete flexibility.


Cloud PBX or hosted PBX will cost you much less than setting it up. You will save costs when it comes to hardware, IT, people, and much more.

The real cost savings happens in the maintenance. Unknowingly, businesses spend hundreds of dollars in maintaining the PBX. Instead, a hosted PBX will save a lot of your cost in maintenance. Most importantly, you will get more features and can upgrade your system anytime.

Features, Local Presence, and Scalability

The hosted-PBX system comes with a ton of features. Specifically, VoipPlus provides amazing business features to suit your need. Their local presence allows you to have an unlimited number of local access phone numbers.

With these amazing features, your business will grow at a better speed. You will need to upgrade your system as your business keeps growing. In the case of hosted PBX, you can upgrade with a few clicks. You don’t need to analyze to plan your upgrade.

If for some reason, your business is not doing well. You can also reduce the cost by downgrading your hosted PBX system. That’s one more benefit of going with VoipPlus.

Let’s see how VoipPlus can help your business.

How can VoipPlus Help Businesses?

The business features will help small to medium businesses in having affordable services. It’s suited for all industries.

Automatic Calling Queues (ACD)

ACD is one of the best business features. It holds all the incoming calls and transfers them to the representative in a specific group.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive voice response with customization is mandatory when you are getting a VoIP service. As a business owner, you can customize it with your brand name and add more options to it.

Conference Bridge

The remote work environment has forced people to have a conference bridge. VoipPlus provides a conference bridge. With a conference bridge, one can easily attend the meeting virtually using their phone. As it’s a remote service, the end-user (employee) can be in any part of the world.

Ring Groups

Ring groups are the group extension used to ring at the time during an incoming call. One can use it to distribute the calls among various departments. The major difference between ring groups and queue calls is that ring groups ring all the phones at the same time.

Music on Hold

Adding music while the call is on hold is yet another important business feature that you must include with VoIP services.

Find Me / Follow Me Calling

Find Me and Follow Me Calling are two business features that work together. Find Me allows you to receive calls at your preferred location. Moving one step further, Follow Me Calling is a technique that allows the receiver to receive the call on any number. One can set designated numbers (or numbers) to receive the calls. If there are multiple destination phone numbers, one can set it “ring at all once” or “in sequence”.

Wake Up Calls

Wake-up calls are a less popular service in the US. It allows the users to request a phone call at a specific time from the service.

Support for Video Calling

Depending on the industry, video calling can be a game changer and will set a great example when it comes to customer support. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss it.

Secure Communications (SRTP/TLS)

VoipPlus uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) along with SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol). TLS encrypts the signal of the call whereas SRTP encrypts the actual media of the call. In this way, companies will get complete encryption.


Have a quick announcement to share? You can do it using VoIP calls. It’s a common yet very useful feature.

Calling Features

VoipPlus includes the major calling features that are required by the business. The top features include:

  • Three-Way Calling Support
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to E-mail
  • Caller ID Support
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Recording
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Waiting
  • Call History/Call Detail Records
  • Call Event Logging
  • Speed Dials
  • Caller Blacklisting
  • Call Screening

Not satisfied with these features? You would love their extra services.

What More VoipPlus has to Offer?

VoipPlus is the ultimate destination for you if you are looking for telephone services – whether it’s for your home, on-shore, or offshore. They offer various solutions and services you can use to enhance your business experience.

Dedicated Vicidial or Predictive Dialer Hosting

Dedicated dialer hosting is the automated dialer in the cloud. It utilizes the internet service to provide the calls. An automated predictive dialer saves a lot of time as it connects to the call before the agents are available. It automatically disconnects and moves on to the next if the call goes unanswered. This helps you in managing the leads.

On the other hand, the Vicidial dialer is a call center solution. If you are a call center and looking for a complete suit, dedicated Vicidial dialer hosting is for you. For other companies, predictive dialer hosting would be recommended.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is a mandatory modern-age protocol used when you want to migrate from the traditional PBX to an internet-powered system. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. Basically, it allows you to run your entire VoIP over an internet connection instead of phone lines. The VoIP service provides a connection between on-premise phones (systems) and PSTN.

With this, you don’t need to pay for the unused lines. It allows you to call anyone anywhere in the world. For international calling, it limits the costs of operations giving you the best advantages.

VoIP for Residential

If you are looking for VoIP services for residential purposes, VoipPlus has the hardware and software for home usage too. It’s very much similar to the business VoIP. However, it’s cheaper as it reduces the home bill by more than 50%. It provides you with crystal clear voice and other VoIP features.

Why VoipPlus is good for Small and Medium Businesses?

VoipPlus has flexible billing plans that make it perfect for small as well as medium businesses.

To start with, there are two main billing tears the business owner can choose from.

Businesses that have limited usage can go with the “Pay per minute” model. The pay-per-minute model is perfect if you are not having above specific hours of call duration per month. The cost per minute starts at $0.015.

If you have heavy usage (recommended for medium-sized businesses), you can surely choose their unlimited service. Their next tier comes with unlimited minutes. The plan starts at as low as $20 per month. It’s for a single line. So, to add an extra line, you will have to pay the same rate again.

This plan also includes a predictive dialer, fax-to-email, email-to-fax, MMS, SMS, and many other similar features.

To do some quick math, if your usage exceeds 1300 minutes, the unlimited plan would be better for you. Even if the average duration is near to them, you can go with the unlimited plan.

Worried about extra fees? Well, VoipPlus has no such thing.

  • No contract.
  • No hidden charges.
  • No setup fees.
  • No cancellation fees.
  • No activation fees.

So, one can get the service at the given monthly price without having to worry about the activation or cancellation charges.

VoipPlus wants to make sure that every single customer of theirs gets was fully satisfied. For the same reason, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Coming to the devices, you can either bring your device or they will provide Cisco phones (lease by VoipPlus). Furthermore, the service provider supports almost all SIP phones and ATA adapters. Therefore, the compatibility is great.

Trouble Finding the Right Service? VoipPlus will Help You.

VoIP systems can be difficult to choose if you don’t have a proper point to get started. VoipPlus provides the same. You can create a profile on their platform and narrow the services down.

They have in-depth guides to help you buy smarter. If you are still facing issues or you need to get custom solutions for your business, VoipPlus can help you with that. They provide custom solutions that fit your needs.

The support as well as teams are US-based. Therefore, you can contact them anytime for a reliable response.

You can contact the teams to get a quote for the same. Give them a call at +1 855 804 7494.

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