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Best Daraz Keyword Research & Product Hunting Tools

Best Daraz Keyword Research & Product Hunting Tools


Best Daraz Keyword Research & Product Hunting Tools

Are you looking for the best Daraz keyword research & product hunting tools? You’re in the right place. We have handpicked one of the best and most widely used Daraz keyword research & product hunting tools.

Choosing a right product for your online store is the most important thing. Your success on eCommerce marketplace heavily depends on your product.

A reliable and accurate product-hunting and keyword-research tool helps you to hunt the right product and give insights on important searched keywords related to it, and what it will take to actually rank for those keywords.

Whether your a Daraz seller or a professional virtual assistant providing freelance services to Daraz sellers, these tools are made for you.

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Here is the list of our handpicked best Daraz product-hunting and research tools with brief reviews.

01. Jarvis

Jarvis is one of the oldest and leading Daraz tools that offers product-hunting, product research, product tracking, product ranking, and profit calculator.

It supports all marketplaces of Daraz i.e. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Top Features:

  • Jarvis manages a database of products from different data points that helps to quickly check product stats and summary for product hunting. You can see all the details of products.
  • It does product-tracking by tracking Daraz products for a specific time period to analyze performance metrics like their sales, reviews, etc. You can get a detail history of product tracking data that includes inventory, price, reviews, and questions.
  • Jarvis helps you to rank your product higher on Daraz search results by analyzing important/main keywords in your listing. Jarvis Super Rank campaign ranks your product with very less giveaways.
  • Profit Calculator helps you to calculate commissions, budget, and net profit with few clicks.
  • It tracks estimated daily sales and revenue of Daraz products.
  • You can get estimated age of a product listing to evaluate it.
  • It helps you to get seller rating.
  • Listing Quality Score helps you to check the product listing quality.

Jarvis Extension For Google Chrome

02. Daraz Toolkit

Daraz Toolkit is an amazing product-hunting and product-research tool for Daraz that provides you the full picture of budgets & margins.

It supports 3 marketplaces of Daraz i.e. Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Top Features:

  • Daraz Toolkit helps you to hunt a winning product with its incredible analytics, like competition analysis, profit estimates, trends, sales, etc.
  • Daraz Toolkit offers a unique and special feature called Joker. An AI(Artificial Intelligence) based ranking-module that improves your product ranking in Daraz search results. It eliminates expensive VVROs also called giveaways, by converting social media campaigns into giveaways.
  • You can monitor your product’s performance on its powerful dashboard.
  • It provides unlimited keywords with competition analytics and giveaways calculations.
  • It provides you sales and profit reports.
  • On product-listing page it shows you product stocks with all its variations.

Daraz Toolkit Extension For Google Chrome

03. SellerDost

SellerDost is a free Daraz tool for product-hunting and product-research, works on Daraz product page and search results.

This tool can be used only on Daraz Pakistan marketplace.

Top Features:

  • SellerDost saves your precious time during the process of product hunting by quickly identifying profitable products. You don’t need to explore each & every product on Daraz.
  • It helps you to find potential keywords for your product by assessing the product competition in real time. Provides monthly sales & revenue estimates, identifies listing age & Google trends.
  • With its fast, accurate, and up-to-date information on Daraz products it provides you a very useful product analytics like average price, listing age, seller type, reviews, and location.
  • You can view product inventory of all variants directly from the product page. It tracks your competitor’s number of units available for sale with inventory levels.
  • The Revenue Calculator quickly calculates cost and profitability of the product that you view, which helps you to adjust commission, cost, selling price, etc. It also recommends which type of fulfillment model suitable for the product that you hunt. There are two types of fulfillment methods on Daraz (1) FBM – Fulfillment by Merchant (2) FBD – Fulfillment by Daraz.

SellerDost Extension For Google Chrome

So these were some of the top Daraz product research and product hunting tools available in the market. Daraz is not as big and competitive as Amazon or eBay marketplaces, so these tools are good enough for you. As Daraz grows big, people will come up with more advanced and sophisticated tools like Helium 10, Jungle Scout, etc.

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