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Download Best iPhone Data Eraser Tool To Remove Data Permanently

Download Best iPhone Data Eraser Tool


Download Best iPhone Data Eraser Tool To Remove Data Permanently

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2021)

Do you want to erase your iOS files and data on iPhone/iPad/iPod permanently so that it won’t be recovered again? Don’t panic, iMyFone’s Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser is there to assist you. You can selectively erase your iPhone data, deleted data and third-party apps data permanently with 0% recovery. No tool or secret agency can recover the data erased by Umate Pro, not even by FBI.

Some of the common data types that are erasable by Umate Pro:
  • Messages, Contacts, Photos, Videos
  • WhatsApp Data, Kik Data, WeChat Data, Viber Data, Line data, etc
  • Notes, Call History, Voice Memos, Calendar, Reminders
  • Safari History, Apps, System Settings and many more…


In general people want to erase the data of their phone permanently when they plan to sell their phone or give it to someone else because if you delete or erase your data normally(Factory Reset or Delete) it can be easily recovered by recovery tools.

This is one reason people remain skeptical whether they should sell their phone or not, because nobody want their personal data to be recovered or misused by someone else.

How Umate Pro Erases Data Permanently?

Firstly Umate Pro removes the original and deleted files in your device. Once the removing process completes Umate Pro stores random data in your storage device to overwrite the removed data. Then again it removes that random stored data and store some other random data to overwrite previously removed data. This process continues until recovery becomes impossible.

In this post we will cover following topics:

  • How It Works
  • Features Of Umate Pro
  • Plans & Pricing | Free Download


How It Works

The data erasing process is done in three simple steps:



  • Choose an erasing mode.
  • There are 5 data erasing modes i.e (1) 1-Click Free Up Space (2) Erase All Data (3) Erase Deleted Files (4) Erase Private Data (5) Erase Private Fragments.
Download Best iPhone Data Eraser Tool To Remove Data Permanently | iPhone, iPad, iPod 2


Step 2:

  • Scan and Preview the data. You can selectively erase data.
Download Best iPhone Data Eraser Tool To Remove Data Permanently | iPhone, iPad, iPod 3


Step 3:

  • Select and erase your iOS data permanently.
Download Best iPhone Data Eraser Tool To Remove Data Permanently | iPhone, iPad, iPod 4


Umate Pro Features

Following are the salient features of world’s best iPhone data eraser tool:
  • You can preview and selectively erase your private and deleted data with 0% recovery.
  • It also erases those incomplete fragments which are stored by third-party apps. These fragments are considered as big risk to your privacy.
  • It optimizes the performance of your iOS device by instantly erasing all your hidden junk files, temp files, caches, losslessly compress photos, etc. It also frees up space as well.
  • The data erased using the Factory Reset can be recovered, but the data erased with Umate Pro has no possibility to recover, leaves no trace of deleted files.
  • It also offers a free trial version so that you can try before purchase. In addition, it also offers 30-day money back guarantee, lifetime support and free updates as well.


Plans & Pricing

The Umate Pro offers two amazing Plans i.e one subscription-based plan and one one-time purchase plan. The one-time purchase plan which is also called Lifetime Plan is the most popular one. Umate Pro also offers a Business plan which is for all those who want to purchase Umate Pro for more than 5 devices.


1-Year Plan

  • In the 1-Year plan license will be automatically renewed in a year. You can cancel it at any time. It sends you the notification email before the renewal date. It costs only $29.95. The Plan is for only 1 iOS device.


Lifetime Plan

  • Lifetime plan is one-time purchase plan. This plan is for 2 to 5 iOS devices. It costs only $49.95.
Download Best iPhone Data Eraser Tool To Remove Data Permanently | iPhone, iPad, iPod 5
Free Download: For Windows | For Mac
Buy: For Windows | For Mac



The Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser is a super amazing tool for erasing your iPhone data permanently. If you are really concerned about your deleted data and don’t want to leave any trace then Umate Pro is the best choice.

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