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How To Create Email Account With Domain Name – Business Email


How To Create Email Account With Domain Name – Business Email

How To Create Email Account With Domain Name
(Last Updated On: October 18, 2021)

In general when you don’t own a domain and web hosting you use public email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outllook(Hotmail) etc, by creating free email accounts on them, but when you own a domain or web hosting you can create email accounts with your domain address such as “”, “”, “”, etc.

An email linked with a domain address is called business email or private email. There are many benefits for creating emails on private email server such as security, privacy, ownership, etc.

From professional perspectives the domain address in email creates a trust, like you are officially representing a business/company or you are an employee of a company, etc. So that’s why majority of professionals who own a business use business email.

In this post we will cover following topics:
  • How To Create Email Account On cPanel
  • How To Create Business Email Without Web Hosting


How To Create Email Account On cPanel

  • Login to your cPanel via the URL provided to you by your web hosting provider. It will be similar to “”. Instead of “” there will be your website domain. HostGator’s cPanel is accessed by the URL similar to this “
  • Enter your Username & Password.
  • Click Login to access your cPanel.
How To Create Email Account With Domain Name - Business Email 1
  • Under the “EMAIL” section click “Email Accounts” link.
How To Create Email Account With Domain Name - Business Email 2
  • There will be a one default email account that you use to login to your website’s admin section.
  • There is also a limit for creating email accounts. In a basic shared hosting you can create 10 business email accounts. If you have a large business and hundreds of employees you can request your web hosting provider to update the package or increase the number of email accounts.  
  • Click the “+CREATE” button to create an email account.
How To Create Email Account With Domain Name - Business Email 3
  • In the “Username” enter the name of a person, designation etc, like if you are creating for yourself it will be your name like “john” or “john smith”.
  • Always remember that email should not be complicated, should be easily spelled, typed and recalled. Some people tend to have complicated and long names. You can shorten them by different ways like You can use only first name, You can use short spelling for your name, You can use the “.” symbol to separate the name, etc.
  • In the “Security” section choose the “Set password now” and enter a secure password that you can remember.
  • In the “Storage Space” choose the size required for your emails. You have two options here i.e Fixed size and Unlimited Size. You can change the size anytime depending on your requirements. 1024MB is equal to 1GB.
How To Create Email Account With Domain Name - Business Email 4
  • Click the “+CREATE” button.
How To Create Email Account With Domain Name - Business Email 5
  • You can see that we have successfully created a new business email account.
  • You will see three options in front of your email account i.e CHECK EMAIL, MANAGE & CONNECT DEVICES.
  • The CHECK MAIL option is the link to your webmail’s mailbox where you can Open/Compose/Delete/Manage mails, as you will see in the next step. You can also open your mailbox by your webmail URL such as “”. The “” will be replaced with your domain.
  • The MANAGE option is for Editing your email like Password, Storage Size etc.
  • The CONNECT DEVICES option shows you the configuration to setup Mail Clients such as MS Outllook, Mailbird etc. The benefit of using mail clients is that you don’t have to login to your webmail interface again-and-again to check emails instead you will directly send/receive emails in your email client.
How To Create Email Account With Domain Name - Business Email 6
  •  This is how your webmail mailbox looks like similar to Gmail and Yahoo.
How To Create Email Account With Domain Name - Business Email 7
  • This page displays you the Mail Client Manual Settings. You get this information when you click CONNECT DEVICES as we have shown above. Using these settings you can setup your email on mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mailbird etc.
  • Recommended settings are “Secure SSL/TLS Settings”.
  • For “Incomming Server” use POP3 protocol and POP3 PORT. The POP3 & IMAP protocols are used for receiving emails.
  • The SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used for sending emails. We use it for “Outgoing Server”.
How To Create Email Account With Domain Name - Business Email 8


Create Business Email Without Web Hosting

You must have heard of web hosting where you upload your website and create business email, but what if when you want to create business email without buying web hosting? Don’t worry there is email hosting, an exclusive hosting for creating business email.

In the email hosting you don’t have to buy web hosting you are only required to buy a domain and email hosting. Your email will be linked to your domain like “”. You can manually choose email storage and number of mailboxes depending on your requirements. Remember that email hosting is much cheaper than web hosting.

A top email hosting requires mainly three things i.e storage, security & flexibility. When it comes to best email hosting who else can be better than Namecheap that provides exclusive cloud-based  business/private email hosting services around the world.

Namecheap offers 3 email hosting plans and here are the common features that are available in each plan:
  • Custom Domain-based email
  • Extra Security with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Unified Inbox
  • It works across many devices such as tablets, desktops, and notebooks
  • Anti-spam protection
  • POP3/IMAP/Webmail access
  • HTML signatures
  • Two-month free trial


Once you choose an email hosting plan it will ask you to buy a domain in the next step. In order to get email hosting and domain, and to find the latest pricing and discounts visit Namecheap Email Hosting.
How To Create Email Account With Domain Name - Business Email 9


Hope you have learnt to create business email. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with other people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.


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