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What Does Behind The Eight Ball Meaning | Learn English

What Does Behind The Eight Ball Meaning


What Does Behind The Eight Ball Meaning | Learn English

You must have watched or played the game of pool or billiard where black ball is numbered 8. According to the rule, black ball has to be hit last into pocket. If a player hits the black ball before finishing other balls into pocket he loses the game.

There is a white ball, through which a player hits the other balls into pockets. Sometimes black ball stops in front of a white ball, in that case player comes in a very difficult situation. In order to not to touch the black ball, player prefers not to hit other balls. His turn goes in vain. The other player gets benefit of it.



  • A very difficult, challenging situation from where it is very hard to escape.
  • At a disadvantage. In a losing situation.



  • One small mistake could put Ali behind the eight ball in the competition.
  • John always puts himself behind the eight ball because he always comes late in the examination.
  • England put herself behind the eight ball by missing the penalty in the final minutes of game.


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