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Learn How To Negotiate Down Medical Bills Professionally In US

How To Negotiate Down Medical Bills Professionally In US


Learn How To Negotiate Down Medical Bills Professionally In US

Do you know that one of the main cause of bankruptcy in America is due to medical debt? One of the reason for this medical bankruptcy is Americans themselves because most of them don’t know how to negotiate their medical bills and save their thousands of dollars.

You can easily get rid of your medical debt by learning the negotiating process by yourself. For all those who want to arm themselves with the tools to prevent large future medical bills and save thousands of dollars on their healthcare . David Holt offers a course called “Negotiate Down Medical Bills in 15 Easy Steps”.

You will learn the same tools that attorneys and medical billing advocates have been using for years.

David Holt is a healthcare and business attorney who has successfully negotiated $100,000+ medical bills to aid families in avoiding bankruptcy. David Holt manages his own law firm and launched online education tools to educate and empower patients directly.

The course has been structured in a way to first teach you how to prevent large medical bills and then take you step-by-step through the negotiation process that includes sample scripts and discount percentages that are reasonable in each situation.

Once you complete the course you can start negotiating outstanding bills in less than 3 hours!
  • Who Should Join This Course
  • What You Will Learn
  • Course Content – 15 Steps


 Who Should Join This Course Exactly

  • People with outstanding medical bills.
  • People who want to control their healthcare costs.
  • People who anticipate future medical bills.
  • Siblings who have brothers or sisters with ongoing medical bills.
  • Children who have parents with ongoing medical bills.


What You Will Lean

  • How to negotiate down medical bills and benefit your financial situation to get lower payments on your medical bills.
  • How to prevent large medical bills in the first place.
  • How to identify medical billing errors in your medical bills and save hundreds of thousands of dollars without any knowledge of the complex billing codes.
  • How to request your medical records, appeal a medical claim denial etc.
  • How to “Price-Shop” healthcare before treatment.
  • Understand the crucial terminology in healthcare.


Course Content – 15 Steps

Following are the 15 sections:

STEP 1 – Before you Start and Send this Letter to Your Healthcare Providers
  • Introduction to the 15 steps
  • Get organized
  • Distinguish Biller vs Collector
  • Get your debt back to the Biller
  • Send this Letter to Your Healthcare Providers


STEP 2 – Confirm Letter Received by Healthcare Provider(s)
STEP 3 – Find Financial Assistance

STEP 4 – Submit a Health Insurance Claim

The claims are billing invoices for medical services rendered to patients.

  • How to Submit a Claim to Insurance
  • Send a Health Insurance Denial Response Letter
  • Appeal Any Denied Health Insurance Claims


STEP 5 – File an External Health Insurance Appeal

STEP 6 – Request an Itemized Bill

An itemized bill is a piece of paper given before you pay for goods or services, listing the cost of each item purchased. It includes specific details on the services you were provided, including dates and charges for each item of service.


STEP 7 – Distinguish Your Explanation of Benefits vs Medical Bill(s)
STEP 8 – Spot Medical Billing Errors and Call Them Out (Money You Do Not Owe)
STEP 9 – Confirm You Have the Final Bill
STEP 10 – Request Financial Assistance from Healthcare Provider(s)

STEP 11 – Prepare Yourself Before the Call to Negotiate

STEP 12 – Make the Call to Negotiate
  • Make the call to negotiate Part 1
  • Make the Call to Negotiate Part 2 and Last Resort Techniques


STEP 13 – Get the Agreement in Writing
STEP 14 – Send Write Off Debt Letter
STEP 15 – Crowdfund Your Medical Bills

Medical Crowdfunding is an easy way to raise money for medical bills online. You can crowd-fund your bill or have family, friends and complete strangers help you pay for your bill.


Start saving money on your medical bills, take this course now 🔻.


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